a conversation


Matt and I went to see I Love You, Man Sunday morning. It was good. Check out the earlier post for my short-short review of it. (Ok, so it’s not even a review. It’s just a short little thing on it.)

Anywho, I said something to my brother on the drive over to the theater about getting a drink and a snack for the film. Hey, it may be ass-expensive, but I do enjoy having a bit to eat during the flick. And any excuse for a fountain soda is a good excuse to me; I am an addict, after all.

Matt asked me if I was getting a “small 64 ounce soda.”

I laughed and replied that I wasn’t, but I might get the large 200 ounce. Because the sizes of sodas at movies are ridiculous. I’m glad I drink diet, at least I’m not getting a full day of sugar and calories from one drink (instead I got those from the nachos and cheese I got).

Well, he took that and ran with it.

“What would they call that? The ‘Whizzonator’?”

“The cup is the size of a extra-large popcorn bucket!” I replied.

“The lids would be collectible, because they’re the size of small tables!”

I put in, “I was thinking they’d be collectible dinner plates, actually!”

“It could be a Man Versus Food challenge!”

“What would the challenge be, Matt?”

“You have to sit through a whole two hour movie after drinking one of them and not get up to go pee. And you have to drink the whole thing within the first half hour!”

“What would the prize be?”

“A refill.”


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