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Things I’ve failed to do last night: write type up what i wrote last night about going to see Neil Gaiman on Monday read win the lotto anything even remotely creative or otherwise beneficial to me leave the tv off all night (though in my defense, i didn’t turn the fucker on til almost eight) […]

Watched Dollhouse this morning. In fact, just finished it a few minutes ago. (I would’ve watched last night, but I had a prior engagement with Skype and my writing group. Skype was being a complete asshole last night, too.) So, unfortunately I didn’t get to see the preview for next week’s episode. I hear there […]

I’ve had this book sitting on a shelf waiting to be read for almost literally two years. I just never got around to it until the past couple of weeks. I have to be in the right mood for a book. It has to catch my eye on my shelf at just the right time […]

So what does it say about this show that, about a week and a half after watching the most recent episode, there’s not much that I actually remember about it? OK, so at least a portion of that can be blamed on the sinus infection—man was it a doozy this time. But also, it just […]



today has been a really bleh day for me. i feel vaguely left on the sidelines and sad, and i’m not sure why. didn’t have a bad day. nothing terrible happened. i got to stop and take pictures on my way home from work. i just feel kinda down right now. bleh. i want to […]

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It always seems like I should have more to write about. Is my life that uninteresting? Yeah, it really is. The only thing I’ve done this week is… oh yeah, nothing. I’ve been feeling ridiculously ill with this sinus infection. Today is the first day I feel like a human being in a week. I […]

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There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

I’m a fairly voracious reader (though I’ve discovered not nearly as voracious as some people—DAMN, y’all), and I enjoy reading series; however, there are few that I really try to keep up with these days. I’ve mostly fallen off with all but a few of them, and then there’s that one that I’ve actually stopped […]