yeah, recap is gonna be late this week. Sorry to be falling down teh second week, folks.


10 Responses to “yeah…”

  1. I don’t even know why I’m here looking for it, because I haven’t watched it yet! I’m going to see it in a while at my friend Christine’s. Meanwhile I *should* be writing 2 papers… and instead, I’m in front of the TV watching Bring It On. I will, apparently, never learn.

    • hee hee! i’m about to go to the open house at my job to see the Chainsaw Chix. and then I’m going to get a tattoo.

      • A tattoo, eh? Will there be pictures of thees tattoo when you return?!

      • Oh, there most certainly will be pictures posted when I get it. I went into the place I wanted to check out this afternoon to see if they had anything available, but they didn’t. So I made an appointment for Tuesday after work. I *really* like the feel of the place. It’s got a really good atmosphere/vibe. I think I’ve found my tattoo shop. That’s not a good thing. Especially considering the two more I have ideas for, the other nebulous ideas, and the eventual back piece I hope to get.

  2. 5 Optimus Rhyme

    It was… Different. (truth be told I’ll probably watch it again as the person I was with was slightly more interested in me than the show. Not that I’m complaining. In fact, bragging might be a slightly better term for it.) Not the episode I expected by any means.

    • Different? Oh my. I best go get to watching. Different good or different bad?

      And yay for your watching companion being more interested in you than in the show. Most definitely yay.

      And yes, you are bragging. 😉

  3. Totally weird, but kept the interest alive. I liked Victor’s expanded role. This is all I will say for now.

  4. I’m not entirely certain how I felt about it. I can tell you that I *heart* Victor. Also, that I’m definitely interested to know where it goes from here. So… good overall? I think.

  5. Going to watch it right now! Spoilerific recap will be up as soon as I can manage it!

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