recap the second… kinda


Ok, guys and dolls, this one is going to be more of a reaction than a true recap. because at this point, i know y’all have seen it, and quite frankly i don’t feel like watching it a second time to do the recap.


that’s basically what it boils down to for me. it was a weird episode.

i kinda feel like they’re trying to do way much more than they should be at this point in the series. i mean, i’m thoroughly convinced that, at the very least Echo will recover her full memory at some point, through some other glitch, but i kinda feel like this has hamstrung them at least a little bit. i imagine that this is being saved for the series season finale when Alpha shows up. Because that much is clear. (And check out these pics from io9 and rejoice. REJOICE i say, for Alan Tudyk is indeed Alpha!)

and Caroline? yeah…. i don’t like her. she has that hero complex that i generally find incredibly grating and not at all realistic in a tv character. i think i am more of an anti-hero kind of girl. i do, however, find myself intrigued by the other characters. much more so than Echo herself, I think. Whether this is a testament to Eliza’s actressin’ or to my own predilections for secondary characters, I couldn’t tell you. but i heart Victor, for sure. I’m liking Sierra more and more as we go along. And i just want to give Mellie/November a hug and a cupcake.

let’s see… i did take a few notes as I was watching the ep. First off, yay more half nakey Helo Ballard. he has a weird dream life, but i really don’t think we had to see him dream about sexing up Caroline while Mellie cries at him in the background. because yeah, duh, we all already knew that he wants to save Caroline and fuck her, but he digs Mellie too, because she’s sweet and obviously completely programmed to be in love with him and needs to be taken care of. so, really? what point did that serve?

have i mentioned i heart Victor? oh, ok. moving on then.

i don’t think i really understand what the point of this episode was. there doesn’t seem to be any kind of canon established here, or forward momentum as far as characters go. yeah, Sierra and Victor got to snog, everyone got their closure, i got to see Darian Fawkes, and all was right in the Dollhouse… but… I don’t know. I’m just meh about the whole thing. i’m no more interested than i was after the last couple of episodes. i’m not really any less interested either, but still.

i dunno. what do you guys think?


5 Responses to “recap the second… kinda”

  1. 1 Optimus Rhyme

    It was pretty powerful when Echo was leading all the Dolls out. And did you expect so many of them?
    Also, Topher was great in this episode.
    I worry that Fox has taken too much creative control. I mean, seriously, this episode screams “Write Me Something That’ll make for a good Promo”

    • oh god, i think that’s so right. it really bugged me for some reason, that the promo was so entirely and completely misleading.

      topher was great. and i like that we got a bit more of Amy Acker’s character too. Although she just makes me miss Fred hardcore.

  2. I liked the march. I don’t know if it was the song or quantity of dolls, but I thought it was a very powerful moment (or because I’m a SUCKER and I buy Fox’s tinkering). I liked that the “twist” was that Amy Acker’s character came up with the idea of letting them loose. I liked Ballard’s dream line of “I have something she needs” and I liked Mellie and her remembering her lost child. That’s it. That’s all I liked about it. For a Joss Whedon show, that’s not saying a whole hell of a lot.

    As I’ve said before, I’ll obviously watch the entire run, but I don’t see me pre-ordering the DVDs on Amazon. It’s just not that compelling.

  3. Yeah, I’m not altogether certain how I felt about this one. I think I have to agree about Ballard’s dream, in that it seemed utterly gratuitous (not that I’m complaining about his shirtlessness, BTW. I’m most decidedly not). I loved the stuff with Victor and Sierra, and I wonder if they retained any of that once they were wiped after their “journey”. I wonder if any of them retained anything.

    This episode was definitely not as good as the previous one.

  4. the more i think about it… the more it pisses me off. no joke.

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