for rul-ruls?


Srsly? People actually want to wear those goddamn things?

stupid stockings


4 Responses to “for rul-ruls?”

  1. Only if they’re hookers. Or want to be hookers.

  2. 3 Optimus Rhyme

    So we can discuss the episode here?
    I liked that the focus was far and away from Echo for most the first half. I loved the Alias vibe that it had even if it was a little awkward that Joss assumed all Asians look alike so Sierra could clearly pass as that girl. And Ballard finding out about Mellie kinda sucks. And Echo gets a new handler? This will not end well.
    Oh and Topher’s sidekick got to talk a little more. I’m sure she’ll start popping up more.


      Honestly, I don’t think Joss so much assumes all Asians look alike as he was kind of playing off the idea that American society largely assumes all Asians look alike. Maybe just me? Not sure.

      Anyway, I was watching it with my frined Christine who, when Sierra popped the programmed contact in her eye, said, “Ooh, Alias!” I never actually watched Alias. I should get on that.

      Also, I’ve gotta agree about Echo’s new handler not ending well. She looked kind of sad about it, even though she is supposed to be all wiped and stuff. I do enjoy that Adelle told Topher not to re-wipe her when they talked about her evolution. It could be interesting, the whole experimenting-with-live-human-brains plot strand.

      I think I’m kind of sad for Ballard that he found out about Mellie, but I don’t know if I agree that it sucks.

      Geez, I hope we’re not spoiling anything for LizzieBear… maybe we should wait ’til she watches slash puts up the recap… Sorry Lizzie! I’ll go back and put up a spoiler warning at the top…

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