also, this is nearly two weeks late


So what does it say about this show that, about a week and a half after watching the most recent episode, there’s not much that I actually remember about it? OK, so at least a portion of that can be blamed on the sinus infection—man was it a doozy this time. But also, it just isn’t all that memorable, even when I find an episode pretty good and fairly interesting, like I did this one. I know I keep saying this, but damn I really wish this show would go ahead and get awesome, like I know it could be. Not that I have any specific instructions off the top of my head as to how to make it awesome, mind you. Just, I want awesome tv. Why isn’t there any awesome tv anymore? Am I just too hard to please these days? Damn you, Pajiba, for raising my taste level into the stratosphere of pretention!

Maybe if it were given a second season, which I think we all know is not likely to happen. But Joss? I love you man, but you really need to learn how to front-load some of that awesome. Don’t let Fox fuck you so hard, man. We know you can do it; you just have to put your foot down. They should know you’ve got the fans; maybe if they let you do your thing for once, we’d get a show that lasts longer than a short season! Or you could, yanno, find a different goddamn network.

Anyway, the episode. I remember thinking that Sierra’s shoes were uber hot. I want those shoes. I couldn’t do much more than stand around in them, and even that not for long, but godtopus DAMN those were hot hot HOT shoes.
Ok, so there was some cool stuff going on this episode (I probably need to come up with some better adjectives than “interesting” and “cool” and “neat,” because all three of them make it sound like I think quite the opposite. And it isn’t that, it’s just that I don’t have the energy to do more than damn it with faint praise. Sorry Joss. Sorry Eliza). At least, I remember thinking that there was interesting stuff as I was watching. I just don’t really remember much of it. Want to jog my memory, folks?

I thought it was interesting as well as vaguely annoying that Echo wanted to help so much. I get that she’s all special and stuff, and that she’s clearly working towards some sort of composite event, but it felt more than a touch contrived that she would just wander into Topher’s domain and ask him to make her able to help. It tweaked something for me. How about we just get to Alpha so I can see Alan Tudyk? Hrm, how about that? That would be awesome, thanks.
I thought it fairly obvious that Dominic was the spy. I’m not sad to see him put in the Attic. Not at all. He wasn’t a likeable guy, but then, he was never supposed to be. That Ivy chick was clearly a decoy, or whatever you want to call that. Frame job! That’s what I was trying to think of.

I don’t know. What else happened? Anyone care to comment?


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