I see dead chicks


Watched Dollhouse this morning. In fact, just finished it a few minutes ago. (I would’ve watched last night, but I had a prior engagement with Skype and my writing group. Skype was being a complete asshole last night, too.) So, unfortunately I didn’t get to see the preview for next week’s episode. I hear there was Alan Tudyk present, so I’m super bummed about that.

Oh well, on to the episode. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but full, straight up recaps are getting fewer and farther between. Does anyone really mind that? At least I’m still writing about it, right? I don’t know, I just seem to suck at recaps as much as I suck at book reviews! Awesome.


Adele’s old friend had arranged prior to her death to have herself turned into an imprint. So she could come back after her death to solve her own murder. I don’t get why Adele didn’t already know that. How did she go about serving Margaret’s extreme paranoia without realizing the woman thought she would be murdered?

And how did Margaret think that she’d be offed by one of the help? Generally, the butler did not do it. Murder is too messy and personal, and the servants are kept at too far a distance, for the most part.

Topher kinda bugs me. I think they’re trying a little too hard to make him a little too sociopathic. (But in the genius way, not in the serial killer way. Although, if you want to think about it this way, he does kill people at the end of every engagement.) But then again, when he was goofing off with Sierra during his “diagnostic test”, he was incredibly sweet. I suppose we were supposed to take that juxtaposition to mean that he’s human after all? I don’t know, I still get shades of Warren, Andrew and Jonathan from him. Mostly Warren, actually.

Is there anyone in the employ of the Dollhouse that doesn’t occasionally partake of the services of the dolls? I suspect Boyd is the only one.

The mystery within the episode was fairly simple. Margaret goes to her own funeral, hangs out at her own house with her family, and realizes that she wasn’t as well-loved as she thought she was. This is the problem with going to your own funeral. You find out that no one sees you quite the same way you see yourself. You say you have a soft side, but that doesn’t mean anyone’s ever seen it.

The horses were pretty! Right? Anyone?

That dude who played Nicholas? Where have I seen him before?

I got not much else here. It was mostly filler, wasn’t it? What do y’all think?


6 Responses to “I see dead chicks”

  1. I had high hopes because it was written by Jed Whedon, Maurissa Tancheron (I probably butchered her name) and Jane Espenson (who is kind of hit or miss actually), but I thought it played out exactly like a live action episode of “Scooby Doo”. Everything was telegraphed and completely predictable with the Margaret portion. Bleh.

    The Topher part was amusing and it was good to see a human side of him, but yeah, still way too Warren-y. The only part that was interesting to me was the Mellie/Ballard part. I can’t figure out what the hell is going on there. Was it a hate fuck or a “trying to break through to the REAL Mellie” fuck or does dude just like the aggressive sexin? The fact that Mellie said like 3 or 4 times, “I wouldn’t want to do that very often” or whatever she said, leads me to believe that this may come up again.

    Has there been any speculation that Ballard is Alpha?

    • I couldn’t tell what was going on with Ballard and Mellie either. I mean, other than him giving in to his baser desires and hating himself for it.

      I think there has been speculation, but I’m fairly certain Alan Tudyk is playing Alpha. Which makes me happy. In the pants.

  2. Okay. So I took a break from writing my paper yesterday to watch this episode. Here are some thoughts:

    I don’t think it was necessarily filler, per se. It was pretty damnably predictable, in that OF COURSE Margaret would find out she was less than well-loved, and OF COURSE she was murdered because of money, and OF COURSE it was a family member and not a servant. (Wait, where was I going with this…? Ok, maybe it was filler-y.)

    The guy who played Nicholas was familiar to me too, so I looked him up on IMDb. He’s not been in much I would recognize him from, but I’ve decided he reminded me of a cross of Ryan from The Office and Jeremy Piven.

    As for Topher, I also think he’s less “evil genius sociopath” and more “too smart for his own good sociopath”, which I find intriguing. I also enjoyed his interaction with his apparently dead friend. (did they explain that and I was too busy sweating to pay attention, by the way? Who it was, I mean? I got the impression that it was like his only friend, and she had died, and every year on his birthday he programs her into an active.) I thought it brought out kind of a (geeky) sweet side of him. I mean, does he ever actually leave the Dollhouse, or have any outside friends?

    Were the horses pretty? I don’t know enough about them to know.. Also, I find them kind of huge and creepy. And possibly slightly terrifying.

    • Topher is defly way too smart for his own good.

      Oh, was she supposed to be his dead friend? I really had no clue. I just thought she was some chick he called up every year to play with. It seems like a lot of the people who work there (Topher, Claire) never actually leave the Dollhouse, or do so far less than they did before Alpha went all… well, Alpha on them all.

      I like horses, but I don’t know much about them. I just know that I think they’re pretty. You’re afraid of horses, AvB?

      • I’m not, like, deathly afraid of them or anything. I’ve never been on one, to the best of my recollection (I was one of those little kids that refuse to do things, and also I was quite stubborn. I often threatened to throw up if forced). I think my real fear stems from the fact that they could totally trample me if startled, and I do startling things sometimes. Plus, I don’t know what’s likely to startle them. And I do think they’re pretty, though I couldn’t tell you what constitutes a *technically* pretty horse.

        Also, their eyes are giant, and they look right into your soul.

  3. I haven’t actually been on a horse since I was about 9. And then it was my cousin’s horse. And he led it around the field for about five minutes. And then sold it a few months later. Horses are not cheap. My friend at work has a couple though; she loves them. I would like to give it a whirl again, because I’ve recently decided I need to do more shit.

    They do have big, beautiful soul-gazing eyes, though.

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