Things I’ve failed to do last night:

  • write
  • type up what i wrote last night about going to see Neil Gaiman on Monday
  • read
  • win the lotto
  • anything even remotely creative or otherwise beneficial to me
  • leave the tv off all night (though in my defense, i didn’t turn the fucker on til almost eight)
  • did i mention i didn’t write anything?

Things I did do:

  • uh, watched America’s Next Top Model
  • spent a ridiculous amount of time on Facebook and Pajiba
  • realize that i really need a desk–this sitting on the couch and slouching thing is really screwing up my back

One Response to “win/fail”

  1. haha! That’s ok. My class was cancelled and I have this whole list of things to do: dishes, laundry, write a paper, finish review, work out theory, take a walk, change the sheets, wash the towels, go shopping… I could go on. What am I doing instead? so far, sitting in front of the TV and the computer, getting fatter and LESS smart.


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