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I was going to go see these guys live last month when they were in town. Went to see Neil Gaiman the night before instead. I would still like to see them sometime. From their first album is “Blue” (the song that got me into them to start): And “Looking Glass,” from their latest, Walking […]

Tuesday vids


I can’t think of anything to write about tonight. So I’m posting videos instead. (I am actually planning on making a video post a Friday staple. Clearly I failed utterly at this last week. oh well.) Let me introduce you to Wolfsheim, one of the most beautiful and heartbreaking bands I’ve ever heard in my […]

vox :(


I never thought I’d end up as enamored of bloggging as I am. It’s a strange sort of masturbatory endeavor, shouting your life into the ether of the internet, slaving over site counts, hoping that there’s someone out there reading what you’ve written and nodding in agreement; hoping even harder that that person will leave […]

I watched an entire episode of Gossip Girl last week, without ever really meaning to. It was a case of “oh, the TV is on and I haven’t been bothered to change the channel during the last 40 minutes, so I guess I may as well watch the last 15 or so. Oooh, pretty dress!” […]

What can I say about Good Omens that hasn’t already been said (possibly twice)? It was awesome. I loved it. The book starts off at the Beginning, with an angel and a demon discussing the Banishment from Eden of you-know-who. At this point, they’re probably cordial enemies. The sort of people who are aware that […]

The library is almost totally different from the last time I went there. Granted, it’s been years and years since I last visited, but i was still expected the same old library. The collections have been all switched around. There’s new carpet, the checkout station has been moved as well as enlarged. All the computers […]

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Holy shit, y’all. Dollhouse got renewed. (suck it, Rowles.) You can read what I read here. So you know what that means: more lazily and hastily written “recaps” from yours truly next season! I might have to amend the schedule though. Especially if I’m back in school and working retail again. We’ll worry about that […]

Reading a Nora Robert novel is like eating a piece of cake. It can be whatever cake you want, but pretty much every book she releases is that same type of cake. The woman is a machine—she writes eight hours a day, five days a week. As a result, she publishes umpteen books a year. […]

Do you remember that book about the little boy who had the “horrible, terrible, no good, very bad day”? I do. And that’s the day I had yesterday. By about 0830 in the morning, I knew things were going downhill and fast. I overslept. Not too big a deal, really, except it means I have […]