Alpha, Omega, etc


Alan Tudyk is Alpha.


Yes, I realize I’m really cheating here. But honestly, did anything else even vaguely important happen this week?

No, I didn’t think so either.

2 Responses to “Alpha, Omega, etc”

  1. 1 Optimus Rhyme

    Dig This: Amy Acker’s character is actually just a doctor persona that they stuck in the body of a Doll that got slashed up and as such is no longer any good for outside missions. It’s really subtly implied in the episode. Her code name was “Whiskey”, in keeping with the whole Military lettering dealio. What does this suggest? I think Victor is going to be implanted with a personality and he won’t be leaving the Dollhouse anymore. Maybe he’ll be the new security manager, taking over so Boyd can do something with saving Echo?

    • 2 lizzie

      oooooh, no shit? i totally missed that. dude, i really like that. that’s fucking cool. i hope so. (of course, with only one episode left, there’s not a whole lot that can be done. unless by some twist of fate a second season happens. i think it could get really good if that happens.)

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