random thoughts


Several points of note:

  • I have been having a difficult time getting any sort of writing done during the week, whether that be of a creative bent, or for this silly little bit of blather. I’m not sure why that is. No, that’s not entirely true. I lay the blame squarely on Facebook’s shoulders. I’ve had at least three separate story ideas show up this week, and I’ve yet to act on one of them. This is why I need to set myself at least one appointment per week to get the fuck out of the basement and go somewhere to write. In a notebook. Without access to a computer. I’ll be the better for it.
  • I got a haircut Thursday night. It was, as usual, awesome. I love getting my hair cut. I love pampering myself, honestly; I don’t do it enough. Which isn’t to say I don’t indulge myself, because I do that altogether too often. I need to stop some of that so perhaps I have the money occasionally to pamper myself. A haircut is nice. A pedicure is heavenly; a massage might send me into literal paroxysms of joy.
  • Despite my penchant for axe-wielding homicide, I rarely find myself truly moved towards violence. Do you know that thing where you make someone bite the curb and then stomp their head in? I found myself wishing to do that (and gleefully, I might add, to your possible worriment) to one of my coworkers this afternoon. I should likely seek professional help.
  • My fan is on the fritz. Which for a normal person wouldn’t be much of a big deal, as it’s still rather nice at night, and I do sleep in the basement where it’s cooler anyway. But for me, it’s very odd. I’ve gotten to the point where I need that white noise at night to sleep. It’s been three days since the damn thing decided to go all wonky, and I don’t feel like I’ve quite slept right these past few nights. I get to sleep ok, but I feel like I’m tossing and turning more, or something. I’m really quite used to having that white noise to drown out the various and sundry sounds of the house settling at night, of people moving around upstairs, and of traffic and the rain and all that stuff happening outside. I think I’ll buy a new fan tonight.
  • The cat didn’t eat the other day. I’ve been vaguely worried about her ever since. My cat is neurotic. She eats. I think, to borrow a phrase, she’s an emotional eater. I think she’s rather bored and lonely, so she eats (could be that I’m projecting just a wee bit). But that’s neither here nor there. She demands a serving of wet food from whomsoever comes into the house first in the afternoon. Only the other day, I got home and she hadn’t touched her food dish at all. It was quite odd. She’d go over to it, sniff at it a bit, and then wander off again. Eventually I put out a different flavor of food, and she promptly inhaled that. She didn’t touch her food again last night when my mother tried to give her the same flavor as before; the same thing happened when we put out a different flavor. It’s odd, because she’s never discriminated against any of her food before. Maybe that box has a bad batch?
  • My boss jinxed the local weather this morning, pointing outside at a vague lightening of the cloud cover and proclaiming “SUN!” Now we’re doomed to six more weeks of rain, followed immediately by 98 degrees and humid as hell weather for the rest of the summer. Good-bye, Spring. We hardly knew ye.

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