help me, internetz, you’re my only hope.


The library is almost totally different from the last time I went there. Granted, it’s been years and years since I last visited, but i was still expected the same old library. The collections have been all switched around. There’s new carpet, the checkout station has been moved as well as enlarged. All the computers have been updated. There’s a castle back in the children’s section.

There’s a coffee shop on the bridge (the bridge leads from the library to the garage).

I went to the library on Saturday to get some writing done, because I need to be doing some serious cracking down (this makes me want that netbook I’ve been planning on even more).

I got a wee bit written, but it ended up being a rather sad attempt. The stories were evading me today. Wrote a bunch of blog posts though, so I suppose that counts for… something, anyway. I could blame any number of things for my lack of fictional accomplishment this weekend, but really? There ain’t a single excuse and I really should not be letting myself get away with such poor attempts.

I need more self-discipline. I like the idea of setting myself at least that one appointment a week to get out of the house somewhere and get some writing done, but there’s going to come a time when that’s not enough. Well, one problem at a time, yeah?

Pat of the problem may be the number of random wee ideas flitting about in my head right now. There’s a whole bunch of them! All vie for attention. No a one has really started to gel for me. Each of them has merit and potential (I like to think, anyway). But… well, but.

That’s where you come in, dear reader. Help me, people of the intertubes. Tell me what I should write first! I’ll share at least part of it with you when it’s been completed.

This is your chance to be a part of the creative process! How exciting! Here are your choices:

  • a very short story featuring a dragon explaining why virgins taste better
  • a young man discovers that his very best friend since childhood is a witch
  • a girl in a car accident meets death. (not Death, however.)
  • something that starts thus: “She didn’t know what was going on; she just knew she wanted it to stop.”
  • a girl reacting to the fact that she’s standing on her own grave
  • bloodshed and carnage and the young woman standing in the midst of it.

Cast your vote (please)! Give me guidance. Order me around–this may be your only opportunity to do so! I’ll reveal the results (if there are any–I’m pretty sure I have about two readers) in a few days.

And cheers in advance.


5 Responses to “help me, internetz, you’re my only hope.”

  1. 1 SteveB

    I say the car-accident girl has the best feel to it — but I DO want to hear the dragon-virgin explanation at some point!

  2. 2 Kzinti

    I do like the Dragon adn Virgin in th vein of light hearted sci-fi kind of book, maybe something along the lines of The Color of Magic by Terry Pratchett. Maybe… LOL

  3. Hmmm… I think I like the witch one and the bloodshed and carnage one. I can’t decide….

  4. 4 Shadows of Dakaron

    The witch one, of course. GET ON IT! NOW!

    OR…if you want to jumpstart your writing seque….do the short story about the dragon. That sounds interesting.

  5. 5 lizzie

    ack! not enough concensus! I need more votes!

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