vox :(


I never thought I’d end up as enamored of bloggging as I am. It’s a strange sort of masturbatory endeavor, shouting your life into the ether of the internet, slaving over site counts, hoping that there’s someone out there reading what you’ve written and nodding in agreement; hoping even harder that that person will leave you a comment, wondering if anyone really knows or cares about reality as you view it.

Do you blog as catharsis? Do you blog to entertain, to inform? Or do you do it because at least then you’re writing something?

It’s a little of all of the above for me. I started in… god, ’06? I think it was that long ago. And it started entirely on a whim. I heard about this new blog site, Vox, through the wonderful girls at Go Fug Yourself, and signed up for an account. I figured I’d be one of those people who would update every few weeks, if I was lucky. Boy was I wrong. I was unutterably bored at work more often than not. Between phone calls and emails and the little actual work I did every day, I posted. A lot. Twice and thrice a day for a really long time. I was what they refer to as prolific. It was great, even if it sorta killed my fiction for a while (I’ve yet to truly find a balance between the two. I don’t know that I ever will).

Then my dad died. And, along with the rest of my world, my posting habits changed. They’ve never quite recovered. Honestly, most of 2008 is a blur. And even had I been writing, I’m not sure I’d want that year recorded. I’m not sure I want to remember it. I’m still nowhere near my old self, to be quite frank.

My purpose in blogging, which had been a lot of bitching and I guess commentary, or at least my own amused observances of life, changed as well. I became much more introspective in my writing. I’ve become more introspective in general (not that I’m entirely sure this is a good thing. I feel like the Queen of Overthinking Everythingland).  I have a much harder time keeping my emotions to myself these days, and I’m pretty sure that comes across in my writing. On the other hand, I have a slightly easier time being open and totally honest regarding said emotions than I used to, so that’s probably an improvement. Or, at least, would be if it weren’t so often that I’m feeling down and out!

Somewhere during the past year and a half or so, the blogging community that I was part of changed as well. IT lost much of the community feel it had at the beginning. I was increasingly disappointed in it when I did check in. I know I’m part of the reason I feel that, because I pretty much abandoned it, where for some long I’d been a daily visitor. But the site has some problems, too. Load time is ridonk. The spam is out of hand. It feels like the support that was so passionate about the site and the community just isn’t there anymore. I’ve noticed that many of the other people who were so involved have drifted off as well.

I love a lot of the features of Vox. I love the privacy options, because sometimes you want to say something, but don’t want it out there for all and sundry to read.

But I’ve made the switch. Saturday morning I posted my final entry at Vox, announcing my departure. The spam DMs may have been the final blow, but the decision has been a long time coming. For one thing, you don’t have to sign up for an account to comment on WordPress. That’s a big plus when you’re at least somewhat certain that most of your readers don’t belong to Vox–whereas the opposite used to be true. WordPress has man of the same features as Vox, and is certainly no more difficult to use. That ease of use is oh-so-sexy in any website, but things feel a bit more… grown-up here. I don’t know if that makes any sense whatsoever, but it’s the vibe I get. Plus, as someone who will certainly be a slave to her stats, it’s really nice to have them right there in the dashboard. I can’t say has I have any clue how to go about increasing said stats, but it’s neat to see where I am on a daily basis (hovering right around nada, if you must know).

So what started as a place to recap Dollhouse (which just got renewed) has become my primary blog. My little home on the interwebs. I’ll try not to do too much navel-gazing (but no promises). I kinda miss my old bitchy and scathing self. Maybe I’ll find her again here.

But no promises.


3 Responses to “vox :(”

  1. 1 Optimus Rhyme

    Hurray Hurray for Dollhouse.
    But what I hate most about blogging is the word itself. Blawg. Ugh. So many negative associations with gossip and LiveJournal quality moping.
    And I think any intelligent person is entitled to some overthinking.

  2. 2 Kzinti

    Just know that you’ll be missed over on Vox, but I’ll still drop in over here every so often… LOL

  3. 3 dewitte

    That’s sad, but I can certainly see where it would come from. I, myself, was one of those lured away for the past almost year over at the demons of FB. That fact, in addition to work that has completely sucked in the same time frame has kept me busy. June 1st was a day I decided to jump back in, so I’m glad you kept your account – maybe you can drop by. I’m here on WP somewhere was well via the magic of syndication. Good luck in your new blogging endeavor!

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