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I have a real hard time with Jacqueline Carey’s books. And it’s not because they’re bad. It’s because they’re the exact opposite of that. I have to be careful because usually once I read one, I have to follow that up by devouring every last other one of them in quick and addicted succession. And […]

So, new Nora Roberts trilogy. Woopedy-doo, right? Yeah, pretty much. Book one: boy and girl meet cute; fall for each other over the course of several whole days. Much danger. Passionate and perfect sex. Blah, blah, blah. Oh, did I mention the demon and the fact that both of them can see the past? Yeah, […]

A short survey: Are the majority of the characters vampires? Well, yes. *shuffles feet, stares intently at ground* Is the main character an insipid wet rag? No, thankfully. Are there werewolves? Not so far. Does anyone sparkle? No. They have tattoos though. It’s a mark of their goddess or some such. The authors do at […]

shut up, Flav.


My Godtopus, what a weekend. (I’m going to try to be at least somewhat coherent about this, but really? I’m just looking to get what I can remember about this awesomeness down so I have it to look upon and smile happily. So it’s probably going to be less general. Also, I’m not, like, omnipotent, […]

Here I go pimping a post from earlier on this very blog. My Good Omens review got posted this morning on Pajiba. I am completely chuffed over it, too. I know I talk about the place enough–shit I’m pretty sure all of you who read this are FROM there–but I really dig the ‘jiba. It’s […]

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I’m a big fan of lists. i’m four books behind on reviews: Untamed and Hunted by PC & Kristen Cast, and Blood Brothers and The Hollow by Nora Roberts. Likely by the end of this week it’ll be five, as I just started the third in the Nora trilogy a few minutes ago. reviews need […]