things to do


I’m a big fan of lists.

  • i’m four books behind on reviews: Untamed and Hunted by PC & Kristen Cast, and Blood Brothers and The Hollow by Nora Roberts. Likely by the end of this week it’ll be five, as I just started the third in the Nora trilogy a few minutes ago. reviews need to be written.
  • exercise. i’m getting up and going before work this week. maybe i’ll actually get to work on time for a change. need to do something to try to clear the fog i’ve been wandering about in for weeks on end. other things to do are on my mind as well, but aren’t yet ready for public consumption.
  • pack a bag for said exercise. don’t have time to come home afterwards and shower.
  • make lunch at night. i’m sick of junk food. i need some goddamn salads or something.
  • figure out what the fuck i’m doing Friday afternoon in Philly before Jules et al get off work and drinking commences.
  • buy sunscreen for Saturday.
  • laundry. etc.

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