Books 16 & 17: Untamed and Hunted by PC Cast and Kristen Cast


A short survey:

Are the majority of the characters vampires?
Well, yes. *shuffles feet, stares intently at ground*

Is the main character an insipid wet rag?
No, thankfully.

Are there werewolves?
Not so far.

Does anyone sparkle?
No. They have tattoos though. It’s a mark of their goddess or some such. The authors do at least make an attempt at a coherent mythos here.

At any point, did you want to throw the books across a room?
No, thank the sweet baby Godtopus. They’re silly and fluffy, but enjoyable and an interesting mixture of different lore–although if you’re a vampire purist they’ll likely still give you a twitch. They’re kiddie beach reads, really, and I have no problem with that on occasion.

Congratulations! You are not reading the Twitlight series. Please go about your business, and enjoy your day.


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