Books 18 & 19: Blood Brothers & The Hollow, Nora Roberts


So, new Nora Roberts trilogy. Woopedy-doo, right? Yeah, pretty much.

Book one: boy and girl meet cute; fall for each other over the course of several whole days. Much danger. Passionate and perfect sex. Blah, blah, blah.

Oh, did I mention the demon and the fact that both of them can see the past? Yeah, there’s the twist of this trilogy.

Book two? Same thing happens, only the two met in book one! And they can see the… present? Something like that, although that makes even less sense when writing it down than when reading it. Everyone can see the present, Nora. Hate to break it to you, but that’s not much of a superpower, is it?

I don’t much feel like doing justice to the plots of these first two books. They’re pretty much the same anyway, and they follow the same basic formula as always. I’m slowly working through the third one right now, but other things keep catching my attention. I’ll finish it. Eventually.

Anyway, yeah. Read the first two of this trilogy. I think my mom is enjoying them more than me, though. So there’s that going for it, if it matters to you.

The end.


2 Responses to “Books 18 & 19: Blood Brothers & The Hollow, Nora Roberts”

  1. Um, everyone can see the past too… it’s called “memory”, Nora Roberts!


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