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So, yesterday was a busy day. I was, of course, up by eight and with a damned low blood sugar to boot (this seems to happen with increasing frequency at weekends. I really need to discuss this with my endocrinologist, because I do not like to but am about ready to take matters into my […]

Why do they go together, you wonder? Well, it’s because Chris Corner is IAMX and is the founding member of Sneaker Pimps. So it totally works. So there. Tear Garden, IAMX: and President: and Six Underground, Sneaker Pimps: and Spin Spin Sugar: Happy Friday, kids. Enjoy.

Once upon a time, I kept a bit of a blog on my MySpace. Yes, I know. I never liked MySpace, and had always assumed that facebook was just as bad, which is why it took me so long to finally give in and join Facebook. Now look at me, right? Anyway, I had some […]

So, my drive home takes me down Old Harford Rd, usually to Putty Hill Ave and up to Perring Parkway. Occasionally, I will take a bit of a shortcut to avoid that corner there, going down a little side street to another and then out to Putty Hill right next to the big park that’s […]

so, as you’ve read by now, I signed up for several interwebs dating sites last week. I’ve already shared my opinions on them. now I’m settling in for the duration, to see what comes of it. I’ve already resigned from both eHarmony and I wasn’t liking how little you could do for free on […]

I have not been having the best luck ever with computers the past couple of weeks. First, Alice the iMac (yeah, I named my computer, and you can shut it. yes, you. you right there. shut it.) up and decided to stop starting up properly. I kept getting the grey screen of death and a flashing folder […]

Today’s offering comes from :wumpscut:. It’s a fan vid, because as far as I can tell there are no official videos for any of his stuff. The things that dude does are simply astounding. I hope you enjoy. First up, “Wreath of Barbs”, from the album of the same name: and also, a track from […]

So, it should probably be noted up front that I totally took a break in the middle of this episode to wander off, buy a plane ticket, read fourfour, and eat some food too. What does that say about my opinion of this show (or at least its first several episodes) Also, I don’t think […]

I still remember childhood trips to the local bookstore. It was a great little place that has since moved up to Hunt Valley and isn’t so little anymore. They were both local and independent, so it’s pretty amazing that they survived the influx of Barnes&Noble and the advent of Amazon. I think they probably did […]

So, I decided that I’m never going to meet someone if I don’t actually meet any new people. And I have a hard time meeting new people. So, I decided (ok, at the behest of the shrink, as well) to check out a few of the dating websites. I’m not really hoping for anything here, […]