a heartfelt prayer


Dear Gods of Computers, especially those who specialize in Macs,

Please let me be able to get Alice the iMac started up enough this evening to be able to backup my photos and documents from the hard drive. I promise, after I’ve done that, I’ll completely wipe the drive and reinstall OS X. I’ll be good. I’ll never look at another scandalous Facebook meme or snicker at someone’s misfortune at farkle or leave a nasty comment on Pajiba again. I’ll reform my axe wielding ways (maybe). I’ll straighten up and fly right, I swear.

Just let me be able to backup that info. Please. PLEASE let my hard drive not be fucked royally. I’ve only had her for less than a year. She shouldn’t be doing this already, should she? I treat her well. I don’t abuse her, not hardly at all!

Sincerely, with lots of bytes on top,


One Response to “a heartfelt prayer”

  1. 1 vinehall

    Did you get her back to working form yet? Did you get the info back?

    Let me know if I can help!

    VineHall Computing, Inc.

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