Friday Video: Emilie Autumn


Have I mentioned that I’m mad excited to be seeing Emilie Autumn in October? And I don’t even have to travel outside my own city to do it. I guess that makes me a muffin. I’m also giving serious thought to making sure I have proper corsetry to wear to the show. I was thinking a lovely underbust in a nice dove grey satin/silk duponi. Any thoughts?

Anyway, I’m going to post a couple vids of Emilie performing live. I can’t get over how unedited her voice clearly is. Ah-may-zing. Also, I would very nearly kill to play violin like her.

First, herself playing violin. If this doesn’t put you in awe, I think you should be shot:

And next, Liar (from Opheliac) live from last year:

And finally, if you’re interested, here is a link to a thirty minute interview she did fairly recently. It’s amazingly candid and honest, and I have mad respect and admiration for this woman.

Also, I want her hair.


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