the beginning of my adventures in internet dating


so, as you’ve read by now, I signed up for several interwebs dating sites last week. I’ve already shared my opinions on them. now I’m settling in for the duration, to see what comes of it.

I’ve already resigned from both eHarmony and I wasn’t liking how little you could do for free on eHarmony, as well as hearing disturbing things about discrimination in regards to them. I also didn’t feel right leaving a profile up if I couldn’t return messages from anyone who happened to send them. That just feels wrong to me. So, chopped that one. And Chemistry I mostly just didn’t like the set-up. Also, it’s rather expensive as well.

I’ve stuck with and set-up a full account with them. The big, frustrating thing about all of these sites, and my main complaint, is that they all charge you their “monthy” fee up front. That’s some deliberately misleading bullshit right there, if you ask me.

But anyway, since I’ve just set up the full account, not much has really happened as of yet.

I kept the OKCupid acct I set-up as well. I’m pretty sure not much will come of that. I have, however, had some really interesting mail sent my way by folks on that site. In fact, I’ve gotten one unexpected weird email through Match already as well.

But that’s a different blog post. Stay tuned.


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