Dollhouse re-recaps eps 2-6


Yeah, fuck it. I can’t do it, kids. I have had these discs sitting here for better than two weeks, and I just cannot bring myself to watch these episodes. It just isn’t going to happen. I can’t want to.

So here’s the quick and dirty:

Episode 2: The Target. Blah blah blah oh my god a client wants to fuck her and then kill her. But wait! As if by magic, she learns how to do other shit and defeats him. Or something.

Episode 3: Stage Fright. Singer chick wants to die. OMFG, melodrama. And stupid clothes.

Episode 4: Gray Hour. Leather pants and stupid and OMFG her imprint got erased! Oh noez.

Episode 5: True Believer. Cult. And stupid clothes. And the Dollhouse can see through her eyes, even though they turned her eyesight off! Oh noez! Because that’s possible.

Episode 6: Man on the Street. I should probably watch this one, as it’s where the show started to turn around. Or turn around as much as it has. And because, OMFG, Patton Oswalt is so adorable and sad. Yeah, welll. Fuck. I just don’t want to.

I suppose that these recaps should really be done by someone who really likes this show. But I’m not handing them over just yet. The rest of the season improves dramatically over its slow and rather shoddily dressed beginning. Here’s hoping that S2 gets off to a good start and doesn’t do any regressing.


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