the best laid plans of long weekends and me


There were numerous things I’d had planned to get done over the long weekend. Would you care to hazard a guess at how many of them I actually accomplished?

Well, I leveled up to 11 on Restaurant City on ye olde’ FB. And I gained another level on Farmville as well.

Yes, I do realize that sounds pretty lame. But I’m excited. I’m addicted to both games, though I’m sure my passion for both will wane soon enough. I’m such a fickle thing. But for now I’m trying to level up as much as I can, considering the huge chunks of the week where I can’t play. So I spent a lot of time on both of them over the weekend. I should’ve finished my book instead.

I’d meant to clean out my car over the weekend. It doesn’t have much debris in it right now, but it is in desperate need of a thorough vacuuming. And the windows have gotten all filmy on the inside, which makes it harder to see out of them. I clean my car about twice a year—before fall and before summer, generally. So I’m due for it.

But it didn’t happen.

I also meant to do stuff like start getting shit together so that I can pack this weekend. I know, I’m not leaving until next Friday, but I know I’m not going to have much time during the week to pack, so I want to get at least some of that done this weekend. I also want to somehow cram everything I need for that week-long trip into one carry-on sized suitcase. I have never been very good at packing light, but considering I have to park at long term parking before my flight, and then haul whatever I pack through LAX to the shuttle stop to catch the shuttle from LA up to Ventura (oh dear god shoot me now, plz. kthxbai.), I’m trying to keep it to the bare minimum, so I can use that little roller thing and make my life just a wee bit easier.

Speaking of airports, my mother leaves this Saturday for her trip (she’ll be out west until the same day I come home). At seven a.m. Which, considering we’re talking about my mother, who hates running through airports even more than I do, means that I have to get up before the ass crack of dawn to drive her to the airport. ON A SATURDAY, NO LESS.

And then, since I am the chauffeur, apparently, I get to leave work early next Wednesday to drive my brother to the airport, as his flight leaves at just about six in the evening (now there’s a shitty time for a flight. Uck).

But still, I’m really excited for the trip. I get to see my family, and I get to go to a wedding. Win!


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