harumph. bah. humbug.


So I’m sitting here in front of the computer of a Sunday evening, trying to write summat to post on Monday.

And all I want to say is I kinda hate Sundays in general and this one in particular. I don’t know why, but I’ve just descended into Grumpyville, population: me. I kinda want to sit here and stare at the computer with my arms crossed and a massive pout on my face.

I couldn’t even tell you why. Maybe it’s because I still don’t feel caught up on rest. Or because I haven’t started packing yet. Or because I have a review to write that I’m nowhere near prepared to write as of yet. Or because I couldn’t get the videos I was trying to watch online to work right earlier and didn’t have the energy to scour some forum to figure out how to fix it. Or for any number of other silly little reasons that really shouldn’t be bugging me like this.

Bah. Humbug.

Anyway. If you’ve made it this far, here’s your reward: I tell you about my weekend.

Saturday, before even Apollo gets up and starts his day, I got out of bed, pulled on a sweatshirt and whatever pants came to hand, and drove my mother to the airport. It’s amazing how many people are at BWI at five in the am. I returned home by about five thirty and crawled back into bed until ten thirty. Not that I really slept for those five hours. Mostly I tossed and turned. Which has been par for the course the whole past week. I don’t know what’s fucking up my sleep so much but I want it to stop.

I’d meant to get up earlier than that. But I’d meant to sleep better, too. That’s part of the reason we got a late start to head down to Glen Burnie for Shannon and Jim’s reception. I’d been looking forward to the party and to getting to see Shan, who I haven’t seen in just over a month. The last we hung out was at the DM concert.

The other part is that Matt hopped in the shower before me. Silly boy didn’t even think of the fact that it takes boys a lot less time to get ready than it does girls. He was ready at least forty minutes before me. So I asked him to look up directions for us.

His mistake: he used Mapquest instead of Google Maps. Those directions weren’t just slightly off, they were completely wrong. They ended up taking us to some random dead end street in the next zip code, two miles further south than we were supposed to be. So at that point we were an hour and a half late. I tried to pull up google on my phone, but as it turns out my phone really isn’t built for that sort of thing, despite being “web-capable.” Stupid whore phone. We ended up pulling into the parking lot of a grocery store and calling home to get Charlie to look up the actual directions.

So we end up pulling up two hours late. Figures. I mean, I don’t mind being fashionably late, but goddamn.

On the other hand, the party itself was wonderful. I got to see Jenn and Erica, both of whom I went to high school with. It’s been ten years since we graduated high school. So we all reminisced and ate and gabbed and had a good time.

There was another blast from my past there, in the form of Jason G, who was on the crew team with me. We caught up a bit, too. It was good to see him.

The music was loud, and mostly pretty bad. We laughed at the Chicken Dance and Shannon claims that they played the Electric Slide because someone requested it. Mmhmm. Sure they did, Shan. The food was wonderful, however. I snagged a full tub of the awesome potato salad when we were heading out. It has green beans in it! It’s so good!

Also, I discovered that when the shrink puts you on an anti-depressant and says “don’t drink”, it’s at least partly because that shit destroys your tolerance. I mean obliterates it. I’d been meaning to test those rumors, but not at a reception!

In my defense, I wasn’t precisely wasted. But I wasn’t sober, either. Two and a half beers. Sheesh. I guess I really won’t be drinking much for a while (don’t make me turn in my Pajiba card. You can’t have it!)


One Response to “harumph. bah. humbug.”

  1. Whore! We DID tell them no Electric Slide! *grumbles*

    No matter. It was lovely to see you. And watch that tolerance! 😉

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