“It belongs in a museum!” “So do you!”


So. Grad school. I finally made up my mind. I’m doing it.

Well, I’m not sure “made up my mind” is quite the correct phrase. It was always in the back of my head that I’d end up back in school for… something. It just took me a while to figure out what that something would be. Something fun for me, and interesting, and smart and really rather nerdy. I’m going for Museum Studies.* And, to be completely honest with you, it took a while for me to get over how fricking burnt out I was at the end of college. And over my own lack of motivation the past few years. Motivation can be such a bitch.

I’ve finally accepted a few things. One is that I’m never going to be happy with what I’m doing with my life unless it’s much more intellectually stimulating than what I’m working on right now. Two is that I belong in the rarified halls of academia (translation: I’m embracing my nerditude wholeheartedly). Three is that if I don’t do it now I’m going to end up unhappy and depressed and angry about what I’m doing for pretty much the rest of my life. And really, I wouldn’t stay with a person that’s going to make me miserable, so why should I do a job that’s going to end up doing the same? (Which is not intended to be any kind of reflection on my current position; this is a general observation about my desire to be working in a museum somewhere, instead of in an office somewhere.)

Fourth, ugh, I’m going to end up teaching at some point in my life. Well, lecturing is probably a better word for it. I’ve been denying up and down for years that I’d ever teach–and I do mean categorical and wholehearted denial. I don’t like people that much. I don’t want to teach. I have no real calling to mold young minds. But, dammit, it’s practically inevitable, innit? I mean, I’m certainly not planning on ever doing it full time, and I have no delusions of tenure since that’s practically impossible to get anymore, anyway. But a lecture series or a semester here and there is doable. I suppose. *grumblegrumble*

I’d be one of those awesome professors you either dread ending up with or absolutely adore. Because, really, I’m not about to bullshit anyone, including the students. If you don’t attend my class, that’s your problem, not mine. I don’t care about your attendance—you’re an adult, your education is your responsibility. I won’t need to start docking your grade when you miss class, cuz the fact that you’re missing it will take care of that for me.

Gotta love profs who test from lecture and not from the book. *evil laugh*

But you better keep your trap shut in my class unless you’re contributing to the discussion or asking a question. I cannot abide the rudeness of people talking in my class.

I digress.

I belong in a museum (kinda like Indiana Jones, don’t cha know).

So I’m going for it. I’m not being wishy-washy, I’m just gonna do it. My aim is to start next fall. So I’ve started looking at several programs both in the area and further afield. If I stay in the area (and by “in the area” I basically mean anywhere from DC to Newark), I can stay at home and cut back on living expenses. I’m simply overjoyed about that possibility. But there aren’t a whole lot of programs for this out there, so I’m keeping my options open, though I would prefer to stay on the East Coast. I’m an East Coast city girl at heart, I really am.

I’ve started a wee list of things that I need to do to accomplish this. I need to take the GRE first of all. I can schedule that for any time, but I’m hoping for November. I need to decide on a few programs to apply to and find out all the details about the application process, maybe visit a school or two. Then I need to, yanno, get accepted to a program. I want to look into grants and scholarships, though I’m fully aware that there are far fewer of them for graduate degrees than there are for undergrad work.

I’ve started to be a touch proactive as well. I applied(!) to be a volunteer at the Walters Art Museum. The Walters is one of my favoritest places, as well as one of my favorite museums. Yeah, I love museums enough that I have a favorite. I’m hoping I get accepted, because I think that will be fun as well as looking good on resumes and transcripts. I also looked a bit at volunteering at the Maryland Historical Society and/or at the BMA also. So we shall see what comes of that.

So this is where I’m standing right now. Looking towards a hopeful and research and art filled future, tapping my foot because I really do want it to be started yesterday. I’m glad I have something to look forward to, even if it is a four hour test and a whole lot of essays to write and applications to be filled out.

*Well, probably. Most likely. Unless something better pops up.


8 Responses to ““It belongs in a museum!” “So do you!””

  1. Miss Lizzie, I could not be more pleased or proud.
    I can picture you in the halls of academia, striking terror into the hearts of ill-prepared undergrads and stoking the fires of those who hope to acheive greatness.
    You are rockin’ my world today!

    • thanks, Spen. I would totally strike terror into the hearts of undergrads, wouldn’t i? it’d be awesome.

  2. Yay yay Lizzie yay! OH, I’m so pleased you’re getting started. And the museum volunteering gig sounds awesome.

    P.S. When I first read “Newark”, I got ridiculously excited. Then I realized that you probably meant the one in Delaware, not the one in New Jersey. heh.

    • aw, i’m sorry darling.

      and i haven’t heard anything from the museum, yet. 😦 i hope to hear from them soon.

  3. Balls to the GRE. It sucked. Sorry I can’t tell you otherwise. 😦

    But YAY for learnificating! And teaching won’t kill you. I did one class per semester and was tired, but I also had that “caring about my students” problem.

    I hope History depts. aren’t as incestuous as English depts. At Naropa, everyone had screwed everyone (faculty and students alike), so you had to run a full background check on anyone just to get a date. *sigh*

    • yeah, i’m kinda dreading the test. but I test well. so we’ll see. i guess i’ll get a book, and i think i mentioned i’m hoping to take it in November. so, yay! my birthday, the GRE and thanksgiving!

    • oh, and that’s kinda icky that the entire dept had slept with each other. yet, not overly surprising… you kinky english-types. 😉

  4. I found that it wasn’t the test so much as the format: computer-based, no skipping questions or going back later, no water bottles, no taking off your jacket/sweater, shit like that. Really locked down tight. If you can manage the situation, I’m sure you’ll do well.

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