so long, farewell


Can I make a confession?

As much as I love to travel and see new places and try new things* and see my family, I really hate to fly. No, I mean I really hate it. It’s uncomfortable, it’s crowded, it’s ridiculously expensive, and the air in those planes gets so dry that it literally makes it painful to draw breath.

I don’t have the fear of flying that some folks do—though don’t get me wrong, I’ve given serious thought to begging a valium from a doctor to take before my flight tomorrow. I just hate the way flying makes me feel. All tired and grimy and icky and plain ol’ gross. But mostly exhausted.

It doesn’t help at all that I’m already exhausted this week. Or that I started the week with a million things to do. I wrote and re-wrote lists of things I wanted to get accomplished or needed to include in the four short days before I leave tomorrow. I’m not looking forward to the trip up the coast from LA to Ventura, either. My mother has already warned me. I scheduled a shuttle for eleven am. “Get something to eat before you pass through security at the end of the terminal, Liz,” she warned. “Because there’s nothing after security. And make sure you sit at the front of the shuttle bus. Oh, and take a Dramamine, too. It was a rough ride up.” Joy. As if I won’t be popping enough of that crap just to get on the plane. Now you tell me I’ll need more because I’ll probably be the only person riding up in a huge shuttle bus that is going to bounce all around on the freeways.

Oh, and let’s not even get into the dread I feel at traversing the 405, the 5 or the 101 out of LA and into Ventura. If LAX is the 7th Circle of Hell on Earth (and it is, trust), then LA’s freeways are the 8th. And I won’t even be the one driving! There’s a good reason why we usually avoid those stupid highways.


So there’s my bitching and moaning for this week. But at the end of that loooooong day of travelling (did I mention that I have to get up at three thirty in the morning and drive myself to the airport? Or that I have to park in long term and take a shuttle to the terminal? At five in the morning?), I will get to see my grandparents and my family.**

And eat In N Out.

It’s the little things, yanno?


*Well, kinda, anyway. Within certain limits.
**Chances are I won’t be posting much next week. (With the exception of Friday Videos, which is already scheduled.) So you’ll have to miss me dreadfully for a week. Or else find me on FB, because I’m sure I’ll check that at least a few times. And if you’re in the LA/Valley area next Friday, you should come out and hang out with me!


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  1. Have an In-N-Out Double-Double Animal for me…

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