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Sorry for the lateness, kids. For some reason, I had a hard time thinking of something to put up today. Here is one of the bestest songs off of Ultra, one of my favoritest albums of ever. And possibly one of my favorite songs ever, from the same album:

I know I’ve said this before, but it bears repeating: Target is evil. I’ve been working on avoiding even setting foot in that store of late, because I really need to not spend every cent I can spare on random crap from that place. But I had to go the other day, as I was […]

oh, hey there guy. you’re probably here looking for something to read. well it just so happens i’ve been doing a bit of writing the past couple of days. i’ve even been doing a bit of writing that isn’t my normal navel-gazing oh my god i’m so terrified of life why do i have to […]

Saturday marked my first day of actual work as a volunteer at the Walters Art Museum down in Mt Vernon (that’s Baltimore, for those of you not from ’round these parts). I had done the orientation and met lots of other volunteers–most of whom I’ll never see again–two weeks ago, got to see the new […]

What follows is (most of) an actual conversation my boss and I had the other day via IM. Clearly, I was punchy and just as clearly, I’m deranged. me: wouldn’t it be terrible if something awful had happened to that kid? Lith: nah. He’d be on the right hand side of Satan. me: ha! me: […]

I bet you were expecting Emilie Autumn this week, considering the gushing I’ve been doing since seeing her last week. But ha! I do know what variety is! And I’ve been trying to not completely OD on her music anyway, as I don’t want to grow tired of it. At least, not yet. So here’s […]

Holy shit, y’all. If I wasn’t already a fan of Emilie Autumn before last Wednesday night, I certainly would be now. As it is, I think I should probably upgrade myself right now to squeeing fangirl status. That said: this isn’t going to be even slightly objective. It’s a write-up of a show done by […]

oh, hey, look. it’s Wednesday. Today was supposed to be my EA recap. But alas, I am planning on cross-posting it to TMITM, and it needs some editing.* So instead, enjoy a wee bit about my vacation-that-wasn’t. I know that it’s been over two weeks since I returned from my trip to California, but I […]

I have already posted pictures on FB and on my flickr of the EA concert last Wednesday, but to take up another day’s worth of posting without putting too much effort into it, I’m going to post a couple here, too. Cheating? Perhaps. Perhaps I’m just trying really hard to be a good Muffin and […]

more apologies


Sorry for the dearth of posting this past week, ma petite chouettes. I spent the first half of the week at my best girl’s house whilst the bathroom here at chez Borden was re-done, and the second half of the week recovering from the EA show on Wednesday. It was awesome, by the way. You […]