I don’t like to simplistically vilify an entire country, but Mexico’s a horrible place


I managed to watch a couple of movies while I was in California. Matt and I discussed going out to see a movie, but by that point I was flat broke, and he never has liked spending money very much. Far better at budgeting than I am, that boy is.

So we hit up the redbox at the Albertson’s down the street.

The first night, I rented Knowing.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: Really, Lizzie? Knowing? A Nic Cage film? Really?

Yeah, I know. It’s a crap film. It’s a Nic Cage film. I knew what I was getting into.

I watched about half of it that night. It had been a long day, a long week, and I was tired. So I said screw this noise, and went to bed. Matt stayed up and finished it. Anyway, Matt explained the ending to me the next morning, and being the pervise and rather masochistic girl that I am, I said aloud: “This I have to see.”

So I did. And it was terrible.

And I loved every silly fucking minute of it. I love terrible disaster movies, and though he rather annoys me when I’m not watching him on screen, I always seem to dig Nic Cage in movies. It’s a flaw, I realize. No accounting for taste, and all that.

I made up for it with my next choice, however: The Brothers Bloom.

I’d been exhorted to see this film for months. Ever since it debuted in Boston, in fact. And I wanted to, oh how I wanted to see this movie. It was one of those rare films that you just know that you’re going to love ahead of time. Just knew it. I tried quite hard to see it in theaters, but alas, did not.

I wish I had. It was one of the best movies I’ve seen in a long time. Please go watch it if you haven’t already.

Since returning home Friday evening, I’ve watched the entirety of S2 of The Big Bang Theory (shut it, the geek humor makes me laugh, alright?). Last night, I caught up on the first two episodes of S2 of Dollhouse (OK, I didn’t realize that it started whilst I was on vacation. I’ll figure out what I’m going to do about recaps this week sometime.) and watched the most recent three episodes of Glee. Love that show.

Dollhouse is off to a good start. Hell, Jamie Bamber–with original accent!–doesn’t hurt its cause one bit. There was a point, ten minutes or so into the episode, where I wondered to myself why the show couldn’t have started off this way. This is what I wanted it to be originally. So yay for that.

Although I’m not sure about that shit with Topher and Whiskey. Um… did I miss something? …the fuck? Someone ‘splain?

And now I’m kinda sorta rewatching Supernatural S3. I’ve got S4 coming in the mail this week. Along with a few other things. I’m going to be working the Netflix and these DVDs for a while, because I’m pretty broke for a couple weeks.


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