Target is evil. Kinda like me.


I know I’ve said this before, but it bears repeating: Target is evil.

I’ve been working on avoiding even setting foot in that store of late, because I really need to not spend every cent I can spare on random crap from that place. But I had to go the other day, as I was in need of cat food and litter. So into Target I went, armed with knowledge of exactly what I needed and exactly how much money I had.

I spent it all. Figures.

I did pick up a few things for my mother, so I didn’t spend it all on me. So that’s good, right?

But I had to go through the whole store. I always do. I love looking at their new displays. Especially all the seasonal dishware. Why do I have this love affair with dishes? I don’t even have my own table to put them on, let alone a place to display any of it or keep any of it, or my own goddamn kitchen!

Then I had to wander into the Halloween section. As you all know, Halloween is one of my favoritest holidays. And Target generally has great décor for it. This year I’m not overly impressed, however. Which is for the best, because last year I ended up with a whole set of dishes that I’ve had to merely put into another damned box, because I have no use for them right now.

And I won’t even tell you about the towels for the bathroom I don’t have yet.

I did pick up one little thing last night, a miniature bust of an “evil” queen. She doesn’t look overly evil to me, but I thought it super cute and it was only two dollars. So I picked that up and brought it in to work. She’s sitting next to my computer, glaring at me. Actually, I think she’s glaring at my co-worker. Hee!

Then I wandered through the candy section. I saw someone mention Smarties on FB (I think it was Sarina or Goolia), and I decided I needed Smarties. Now, I’m pretty sure that no one actually *needs* a three and a half pound bag of Smarties for themselves, but damned if I didn’t buy it. That sucker better last me the whole next year, at the very least.

You see why I’m not allowed into Target? Go in for cat food, come out with that as well as Halloween candy and decorations. I’m rolling my eyes at myself right now.


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