Friday Videos: Depeche Mode


Sorry for the lateness, kids. For some reason, I had a hard time thinking of something to put up today.

Here is one of the bestest songs off of Ultra, one of my favoritest albums of ever.

And possibly one of my favorite songs ever, from the same album:


4 Responses to “Friday Videos: Depeche Mode”

  1. HUGE DM fan from the very early days and am quite proud of how well their music has held up over the years.
    Nice entry!

  2. 3 Cindy

    Ultra is one of my favorite CDs.

    • indeed. i had to go out and buy a new copy recently, as my original got all scratched up and started skipping during Home all the time. but i got the deluxe new remastered one, so that made me happy.

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