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For once, when I say I feel fine, I mean it in the above sense. I’ve got a splitting headache and have done since four thirty this morning when I woke up low. And I’m pretty sure I’m going to spend the next two days in a constant state of near-panic. I’m trying really hard […]

So, yeah. By now, I think we all know that Lizzie is taking the GRE on Wednesday (because I have no delusions about my readership: those of you who aren’t ‘jibans are flesh-life friends, and I’ve told you all about it. Ad nauseum, I’m sure). As is my wont, I put off studying for the […]

because, yanno what? fuck it. I think she’s fucking catchy as hell. SO THERE.

I was trying to find the clip I wanted of Shaun of the Dead (the one of Shaun doing the zombie walk in the morning), and had no luck. But that got me thinking how much I love the theme song of the film. Anyone know how I can make this my ringtone on my […]

I’m guessing that today I’m going to be quite like a zombie today. Because I went to see Amanda Fucking Palmer last night.  

I’m not posting (much) here today. Instead, I implore you to travel over to Pajiba, where today the womenfolk take over writing duties (I wrote the Paheeba Blockbuster review!). We do this to honor our Warrior Queen, AlabamaPink. She was an awesome, awesome woman, and I for one am proud to be a part of […]

Oh man. Looks like the end of this month/beginning of December just got a wee bit busier for me. Sleep? I’ll sleep when I’m dead. (Ha, not. I’ll weep with exhaustion is more like.) First, I found out that EA is playing the 930 Club on November 30th. Are you kidding? OF COURSE I’m going. […]

Do you ever dream about people that you know? I rarely do so, and I find when I do, I often wake up wanting to get in touch with that person and start the conversation off with “So I just had a dream with you in it!” But I think that would earn me shunning […]

It’s my birthday, y’all. My favorite holiday of the year! Enjoy: and, there’s no video for this one, but still:

an ode


An Ode to my mother’s Chicken & Rice soup. Oh, Chicken and rice goodness, how do I love thee? No, really, y’all. I love this soup. In fact, I’m totally in love with soup in general right now. I love the idea of it, the heartiness of fall soups. I’m looking favorably upon stews right […]