in which i try to improve myself



So, I’m starting this on a Monday, but I probably won’t post it for at least a week. I’m going to try to keep track of which of these things I keep up with, and which I fail utterly at. I’m hoping that maybe writing it down will make me feel a bit more responsible for it and actually stick with this stuff.

I slept better than I usually do Sunday night, which was nice. I set my alarm for fifteen minutes earlier than usual, because I would like to start getting up and doing a bit of yoga in the mornings. I have a DVD that I used to do regularly, and I really liked it. It really was energizing, and it helped my mood immensely when I stuck with it.

I did not do it this morning. Mondays prove to be a two-fold problem for it. I rarely sleep well Sunday night; I think it has something to do with transitioning back into the work week. And I usually wake up in a bear of a mood, which makes getting out of bed terribly difficult.

So Monday was auspicious, I should think. I didn’t do the yoga, but I did get up early enough to do everything else I needed to do. I ate breakfast (an English muffin and a big glass of milk—yeah, I need to work on that too), I even put on makeup, which is my other thing I’m trying to do more regularly. I’ve got tons of the stuff; I might as well start wearing it.

The things I’m trying for right now are thus: pack lunch in the evenings, get up fifteen or twenty minutes earlier than usual and do yoga in the mornings, eat breakfast at home, wear makeup at least a few days a week.


Thus we come to Tuesday. Yay for it not being Monday anymore, fo’ reals.

Monday I managed to do just about everything with the exception of exercise. I’m slowly working on eating better. I’m not going to go cold turkey, but I am going to work on it. Slowly. I started by emptying my stash drawer at work of all the worst junk in it. No more candy at work. I’ve got some fruit snacks and granola bars left, as well as a few Healthy Choice lunch things, for when I inevitably go lazy again and forget to don’t bring lunch with me. I’ve also got applesauce. So, while these probably aren’t the best things for me, they’re neither the worst, so I’m counting that as OK for now. I know I need to work more green things into my diet, hardcore. I also need to work on perhaps fiber and healthy fats.

I did, however, drink water. I like water, I just prefer soda. Which is bad. Not that I drink regular soda—hello, diabetic? also, it tastes nasty—but I still drink too much soda. So I am trying to cut back on that, again. My goal is two liters of water a day. Yesterday I made it. Here’s hoping I do it again today! Maybe I’ll do what I did the last time, and just go cold turkey off caffeine. I won’t be fun to be around for a few days, but I’ll get through it. It really helped me cut back on the soda when I did that the last time. I would just drink the occasional caffeine free diet coke. Really, I just like the taste of Coke.

I ate dinner Monday night. Did I want it? No, not at all; there was salmon and rice and broccoli though, so I ate a bit of each. I don’t know why, but lately I just am not real hungry in the evenings. I eat a bit when I get home, usually something in the way of an English muffin—again, not good, I know—and then have a snack before bed and that’s about it.

Not sure what it’s about, but I know I need to work on that.

Anyway, ate dinner last night. Stayed up later than I’d meant to, reading my first Cannonball book. Slept well again, however. So that was nice.

Didn’t do yoga again Tuesday morning. *Smacks self on back of hand* But I did get up and eat breakfast and put on makeup. Two days in a row! Go me! Now, if I can manage to come up with something a bit more substantial to start making for breakfast, I’ll be good to go. Or at least better to go.

Here’s hoping I keep it up.

More tomorrow.


Ah, and now we come to No Whining Wednesday. Happy NWW, y’all! I’m really feeling tired today, but other than that, things are good.

I stayed up later than is my wont in order to finish my first CR II book. But it’s finished! Now I’ve only to write the review and get that posted.

As for yesterday evening and this morning: dinner didn’t happen. I had a milkshake after work, and then an English muffin and some milk before bed. I wasn’t hungry, ok? Sheesh. I didn’t drink quite two liters of water, but almost. I didn’t make anything for lunch, but I’ve got a healthy choice steamer thingy I’m planning on eating.

I did buy a bag of fritos this morning. Mmm, fritos. But I’m already switched to water today, so that’s good. I got up and ate breakfast and put on makeup, but I’d overslept a bit, so I ended up getting out of the house late. Oops. One of the coworkers brought in breakfast sandwiches from across the street; I ate about half of one. I keep thinking that they’ll be really good, and then they really aren’t. I’ve got to avoid those in the future.

I found a recipe for a fairly easy to put together looking breakfast casserole courtesy of Fixin’ To Eat last night. I’m going to try to make that this weekend, so I have something hot and with protein in it for breakfasts next week. I get hungry way too quickly otherwise.

And that’s your Wednesday update.


Thursday seems to have been a long time coming this week. Not that’s it’s been a bad week, or even an especially long one. It just feels like it’s taken a while to get here.

Anyway. Things are starting to go downhill. I did bring lunch today—mom made soup last night (god it’s going to suck when I move out and have to make myself meals. On the other hand, I kinda look forward to it, because I have definite goals for my food consumption once I do [namely: eat as little I haven’t put together myself as possible])—but I also brought a bag of sour cream and onion Utz with me. Oh, and I definitely bought a donut at 7-11 this morning. Not that I particularly want it right now. Maybe I’ll give it to Andrea.

Anyway. Did ok with the water yesterday. Not quite a full 2L, but close. I had a low sugar right before lunch, so that screwed me up there. Didn’t eat dinner again last night, but I did eat some ice cream before bed.

Which promptly made me feel all pukey, so it took me a while to get to sleep. So I’m even more tired today. On the other hand, I do slowly creep into exhaustion by about this timemost weeks, so this is nothing unusual. The new goal shall be sticking to the plan when I am tired: keep making lunches, keep not buying crap at 7-11 in the morning.

So, this weeks mistakes help me learn new things to do next week!

Or something.

I did get up and eat breakfast this morning. And I did put on makeup. So those two goals are going well.


So, everything went to hell on Friday. But I learned my lesson for it. I stopped at McDonalds for breakfast and it was nasty. I always think it’s going to be better than it is. Oh well, lesson learned. I also didn’t put on makeup, because I didn’t feel like getting out of bed and getting my ass in gear; instead I put on sweats and a sweatshirt and stumbled out the door.

Then I remembered that I was meeting Jessie after work for dinner/drinks, and got back out of the car to go put on jeans.

I did drink plenty of water on Friday, though. So yay for that.

So there you have week one of me trying to start new habits and slowly work my way into taking better care of myself. We’ll see how week two goes.


2 Responses to “in which i try to improve myself”

  1. Yay, Lizzie! I’m proud of you. I have lots and lots of healthy recipe suggestions if you want them. 🙂

    Also, you might want to link the Fixin’ to Eat recipe. Since you added a “Link This” reminder to yourself and all!

    • Ha! I was hoping I’d catch that before anyone saw it. Oops. I will link it later on today, after I get home. If I remember this time. 🙂

      I’m always looking for suggestions for things to make and eat. I need more vegetables, I’ve got to work on that as well.

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