a belated No Whining Wednesday post


Since I totally forgot to schedule something for today last night, I’m writing a No Whining Wednesday post on the actual day, and will post it tonight when I get home (or rather, I wrote it earlier today and posted it when I got home).

Thus, happy end of No Whining Wednesday to you, dear reader. How was your day? Did you thank a Veteran for what they did to ensure your freedoms today? I thought quite often about my dad, who served in Viet Nam, and my grandfather, who served in Korea, as well as my uncle, who served in the First Gulf War, and was career Navy.

So, if you who are reading this happen to be a veteran, THANK YOU. Thank you for my freedom. Can I buy you a beer?

It’s been a long week. Why is it that the short weeks seem to take the longest to progress? It should really be Friday by now, shouldn’t it? But at least it’s a pleasant Wednesday. I may be achey and exhausted today, but things could be far worse, so I’m not whining about either. I’m simply biding my time til I can go home, take a long hot shower, and crawl into bed. It shall be gloriousness itself.

The rest of the week will be awesome too. Tomorrow will fly by at work. Do you hear me, Thursday? YOU WILL FLY BY AT WORK. I will be busy and productive and then I will go home. I will watch The First Wives Club, and I will outline my review of it. I will probably not stay up much later than my norm, simply because I’ve got so much going on Friday, and I’m not sure if I’ll be able to take a nap.

As for Friday, I’m pretty sure I’ve outlined and outlined what I’ll be doing, but frankly I’m ridiculously excited about my birthday this year. Despite the whole getting older aspect, and the fact I’m pushing 30 now (!!), I still look forward to my birthday. It’s a day on which I can be totally selfish and don’t have to make excuses or feel guilt for it. There will be cake! I’m getting pampered and I’m not even paying for it!

And best of all? I will be spending the evening surrounded by friends, by people I love. I am filled with the warm fuzzies, and I am so happy that I am able to gather these people around me and go out and have a good time. Sure, the sushi and the drinks will be fun, but the best part is the people I love.

And there’s your mushy Lizzie post for the next three months.


2 Responses to “a belated No Whining Wednesday post”

  1. You’re not pushing 30. You’re sexily tempting it to come hither so you can have your way with it.

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