dream a little dream of you


Do you ever dream about people that you know?

I rarely do so, and I find when I do, I often wake up wanting to get in touch with that person and start the conversation off with “So I just had a dream with you in it!”

But I think that would earn me shunning right quick.

It always strikes me as odd when I dream about actual people; mostly because I only remember my dreams at all with much variation in frequency and clarity. And I rarely dream about people I know, at least that I can remember.

Woke up from one such dream Saturday morning, early. It wasn’t a strange dream, not really. But it was incredibly vivid when I awoke from it. We had been sitting at my dining room table, just talking. Laughing, joking, having one of those conversations that you hold close to you for ages afterwards, simply because it was such a good conversation.

I can go for weeks on good conversation. Apparently even when it’s dreamt.

I suppose dreams are too personal and private a thing to share too often with the people you dream about. Or maybe I’m just easily embarrassed by the obvious admission that I think about the people I care about all the time. Even asleep. I don’t know, but there you have it.



3 Responses to “dream a little dream of you”

  1. I poke you in your soft marshmallowy center! The axe-queen is not wholly evil after all!

    I had the strangest dream about my friend Jenny the other night. I could tell her about it, but it was just so bizarre. Sometimes I dream about my exes. Then I wake up and want to murder something.

  2. Was it about me?

    It was totally about me, wasn’t it.


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