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So, I suppose it’s the end of 2009. Yay…? I guess I could do some sort of roundup of the year. Reflect back on it. And I guess I will. But I’m hesitant to do so, because I really think New Year’s and all the hoopla surrounding it is a great big arbitrary mess of […]

this post left intentionally blank.

I’ll admit I’ve been putting off writing this review since I finished the book last week. We’re talking about Defending Angels here, the second in a new series by Mary Stanton. I read the first one as part of Cannonball the First, I think. Maybe. I don’t know. I read it, anyway, and enjoyed it […]

I hate making New Year’s resolutions; I think they’re pretty much pointless. No one ever keeps them, do they? I know I don’t—unless it’s something like “I need to drink more.”* And then I give myself guilt over not keeping them. Screw that noise. I get enough guilt from my mom. But there are always […]

I hope that you’re spending the day with your family–or your chosen family–today instead of reading mah blog, but here’s a Christmas video naytheless. you can bet your ass I’ll be watching this on repeat on TBS for as long as I can. it’s tradition, you know. ;~) Hope your days are merry and bright, […]

Happy Holidays


Nothing new from me today, dear reader. Hope you have a good holiday.

I realized that I still hadn’t acquired a present for the swap thinger we’re doing this Thursday at the company holiday shindig at work this afternoon. “Hell and damnation,” I murmured to myself (or at least thought to myself). “This means I must do one thing I hate above almost all else–go to the store […]

It started snowing Friday night. I’d been watching the weather all damn day, and I knew that for once the predicted snow would indeed show up. It’s a generality, but when the storms come up from the south or from the Gulf, that’s when we get significant accumulations of snow here in MD. Those are […]

Upcoming from me: 1. Hopefully my best (books) of the aughts list. I have no idea what I’m going to come up with, but hopefully i shall do so this week. Hope I’m not too late. Hope y’all don’t mind a lot of Dresden files. I read precious little literature these days. Nevermind, the deadline […]

When it comes to snow, I’m about eight years old still. And it’s supposed to be a doozy tomorrow. That makes me happy. I want to make snow angels and alcoholic hot cocoa and take snow pictures and all that jazz. Also, it’s Christmas next week, in case you didn’t know. So here’s a bit […]