Happy No Whining Wednesday


By the time you read this, dear reader, I will be sitting in front of a computer in a building a stone’s throw from my house, taking the scariest test of my life. I don’t want to talk about it anymore, because I’ve spent the past two weeks doing naught but wringing my hands over it and giving myself worry lines. And yanno what? I still don’t fucking get geometry.

And I never will.

Fuck it.*

So, this past Sunday I got up and went to the grocery store, and then made myself a breakfast casserole before starting the day’s studying. It is one of my favorite easy breakfast recipes. It’s kinda like a fritata, but it’s called “Sausage and Potato Bake.”

I’m not posting the whole recipe here, but the basic gist of it is thus: grease an 11x7x2 pan**, spread frozen hash browns in. The recipe calls for Potatoes O’Brien, but as I can’t stand peppers in nearly everything and especially by themselves, I just use regular hash browns. Cut up about fifteen links of sausage. Again, I differ from the recipe. It calls for two 8oz packages of frozen already cooked links. I use the already cooked ones, because it’s much easier than cooking all that sausage. But I generally cut down by about a quarter. Mix the sausage with the hash browns. By mix, I mostly mean put the sausage in the pan with the potatoes. Mix to your heart’s content if that’s what you’d like to do though. Grab yo’self about a cup and a half of shredded cheddar (I actually shredded my own for once, pretending that I’m not the lazy bitch I truly am). Add that to the pan as well. Again, the recipe calls for mixing. Generally I just layer them. It all goes the same place in the end: into mah tummeh! So who cares, right?

Looks pretty good so far, right?

Separately, mix about half a dozen eggs (I use egg beaters, because a girl has to watch her figure. No, no, nevermind the sausage. It’s in a casserole, it has no calories.) with just over a cup of milk, a tsp of dry mustard and about half a tsp of salt (I used kosher salt this time, cuz it’s what I grabbed). Once you’ve mixed all that together, pour it over the stuff in the pan already.

mmm, gooey

Stick that bitch in the oven. Bake it for about an hour at about 350. Tada, you’ve got breakfast for at least a whole week (depending on how many greedy sons of bitches are stealin’ yo’ foods, that is).

zee feeneeshed product

If you’d like the recipe, just drop me a line and I can send it your way. For more awesome recipes that aren’t this one because this is my own, you should totally check out Fixin’ To Eat.

Other than that, a happy NWW to you. Please send me lots and lots of good luck vibes today. And then perhaps some “stay awake this afternoon” vibes would be helpful as well.

*By which I mean I’m trying really hard not to repeat Sunday afternoon’s freak out/crying episode.
**I used a 9×13 this time, because my smaller dish is in storage somewhere. I increased the hash browns by “eh, that looks like it’s enough” but otherwise did basically the same thing as usual.


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  1. 1 C

    I would love the recipe!! Looks yummy!!!



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