a minor miscalculation, a major consequence


Tuesday ended up being the day I miscalculated absolutely everything even remotely possible.

OK, maybe not quite to that extreme, but I was definitely having some problems.

First I got spanked with an NSF fee. And not just the “oh we had to transfer money between your accounts so we’re going to charge you three bucks for it” fee. No, it was the “oh you have no money? well let’s make it worse by piling on a $30 fee on top of your lack of money. have a nice day” fee. Bastards. Now I know why I never EVER let myself run out of money. I’ve literally never had one of those before. I’m mortified. *hangs head in shame.*

Also, I’m broke. Really broke. *sigh*

That was, in some ways, the worst of it. Mortification isn’t fun. Especially when your mother works at a bank. Especially when your mother works at your bank.

The next thing that happened was that my pump died. Not completely died, just the battery. So here I am not getting any insulin at three in the afternoon, after I’ve just eaten a candy bar because my sugar was low. One thing after another, eh?

The final straw was that I ran out of insulin earlier than I thought I would. So I ended up leaving work about half an hour early so I could get home and get my infusion set changed.

It was one of those days, I guess.


2 Responses to “a minor miscalculation, a major consequence”

  1. *sad panda* I got my very first NSF fee recently b/c I made a mistake entering my routing/account numbers for online bill-pay. So I HAD the money, I just fucked up the numbers. Bastards might have let me know it didn’t go through. *grumblegrumblegrumble*

  2. 2 Shadows of Dakaron

    That really sucks. Imagine miscalculating paycheck deposits and outgoing bills one month and getting THREE $30 fees piled on when a check kept trying to go through. I was so far in the hole, it took two more paychecks before I was even in the black again. Sucked so much.

    I don’t understand why they charge you money for not having money. Seriously, you don’t think that part of the problem might be that you made sure I wouldn’t have enough money to pay for it?

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