Monday odds and ends


Upcoming from me:

1. Hopefully my best (books) of the aughts list. I have no idea what I’m going to come up with, but hopefully i shall do so this week. Hope I’m not too late. Hope y’all don’t mind a lot of Dresden files. I read precious little literature these days. Nevermind, the deadline was two weeks ago. Way to go, Lizzie. Bah, I’ll post something anyway.
2. CBR II Review #4.
3. A recap of my loverly weekend. Seriously, it was awesome. And you shall hear about it in all its mundane but awesome detail.
4. Art Week is coming up. I need to work on that in tangible ways, instead of just in my head.
5. oh hey, did you know it’s Christmas this Friday?
6. Today is the Solstice.  A blessed Yule to you, if you celebrate it. be sure to cast off the shittiness of ’09, and welcome awesomeness for ’10.

Jesus, I can’t believe it’s nearly 2010. Where did it all go?


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