and what does that make me?


It started snowing Friday night. I’d been watching the weather all damn day, and I knew that for once the predicted snow would indeed show up. It’s a generality, but when the storms come up from the south or from the Gulf, that’s when we get significant accumulations of snow here in MD. Those are the ones that they call “storm of the century”.

saturday dawned snowy and cold. i woke up early, due in no small part to my childlike excitement over the snow. i was looking forward to it more than i have looked forward to anything much in a long time–i was positively giddy. And then the stars aligned, the Fates smiled upon me, and the gods blessed me, because the weekend was awesome.

there were already about six inches on the ground when i got up. at seven. on a saturday!

The Walters was already closed for the day, so I didn’t have to go anywhere, either. This only added to my excitement. I wanted to go outside and play! wholeheartedly did i wish for one of the old saucer sleds we used to have. I totally would’ve dragged my brothers down to the school with me and gone sledding.

as it was, I started the day by making pancakes. they were yummy. i love pancakes. well, bisquik pancakes, anyway. after that, despite the fact it was only maybe ten o’clock in the morning, i bundled up in numerous layers of clothing and socks (I ❤ socks) and went outside.

The snow was still mostly falling in a downward direction at this point. It hadn’t yet started to fall sideways. so that was good, anyway. I went in the backyard and tried to get the shovels out of the shed. I thought the lock was frozen. As it turns out… I may or may not have been using the wrong set of keys.

Mostly I just stood and watched the snow. Listened to the snow. Enjoyed the quiet that snow brings with it. It’s a certain sort of hush, that snow quiet, and I love listening to it.

Then I made a snow angel. After that, I went around front and cleaned off my car. I’m not sure I should’ve bothered. It was too early for it.

I came in from the cold and took a shower after doing that. I cozied up in my pajamas and my awesome bathrobe, and then decided to lay down for a bit. I had planned on just dozing for a few minutes and then doing something else, but those few minutes of dozing turned into a four hour nap.


I love naps. I wish I was able to make time for them more often. I’m pretty sure that’s how one knows that one is an adult: naps become wondrous little things to be sought and highly prized, no longer relegated to “That’s what BABIES do, Mooooo-ooooom!”

As if the snow and the strange wondrousness of the day wasn’t enough to keep my mood around a nine, the nap really made things just that much better. I really don’t nap nearly enough.

I spent the rest of the day finishing S1 of Lost and painting my nails. And drinking champagne punch, as my brother found that there were three bottles of champagne left on the porch from Thanksgiving. We thought we’d drunk it all. Well, we made quite a dent in it. I suppose we’ll have to get more for Friday.

Sunday? Well, as if Saturday wasn’t awesome enough, Sunday was nearly as awesome!

I KNOW, RIGHT? How does one maintain this kind of awesome momenamum?

I slept a bit later Sunday, for one thing. Those rare days when my body actually lets me sleep in anymore are greatly appreciated.

There was a bit of a spot early in the day when I went outside to dig out my car and found out that it was nearly entirely buried in snow. Ridonk.

there's a car under all that snow

That above there was taken after the front of the car was already dug out. The snow was totally covering the entire front of it. Stupid snow. So pretty, and yet so heavy and hard to dig out.

After we dug out my car, we dug out Matt’s and Mom’s as well. Fun.

Actually, we had a good time. It was exhausting and my back is really sore now, but we had a lot of fun. Matt managed to nearly cover my entire head in snow at one point–I was standing on one side of the car, and he was on the other, pushing snow off. He thought I was going to move, thought that the snow would go down my front, instead of all over my head.

But that’s ok, I got him back, when I found out that he’d been shoveling snow onto my car when he and Charlie were digging out Charlie’s car Saturday night.

At one point, Charlie said something I didn’t catch to Matt. I think he called him anal, because Matt replied with “No Charlie, I’m OCD, you’re anal retentive.”

So I looked over at them and asked, “What does that make me?”

“A bitch.”

Even though I knew he was going to say that, I still laughed good and long at that one. Good times, good times.

Took forever to dig out the cars, but afterwards Matty and I got ready to go grocery shopping. We changed out of wet clothes into dry ones and got ready to go. I, having eaten naught but an english muffin and a donut for breakfast, was seriously hankering for a burger from Five Guys, so we went over there before the store.

Unfortunately, they were closed. Double-U Tee Eff. I practically cried, y’all. That’s how hungry I was.

So, we sat in the car for several minutes debating where to eat. I wanted at least decent food, no mcdonalds or anything crap like that. Granted, Five Guys isn’t gourmet shit, but it at least tastes pretty fresh most of the time, and their fries are faboo. Matt, surprisingly enough, agreed to go to Red Robin instead.

Holy shit, y’all. It’s probably my extreme case of hunger at the time, but that was one of the best burgers I’ve had in a really loooooooong time.

After that, we did the grocery shopping, and then went back home.

It was a quiet afternoon, although there wasn’t much afternoon left. I ended up cleaning my room some, going through all my shoes and getting rid of some, getting rid of a lot of empty shoe boxes, and doing some general tidying. My room feels slightly less cluttered now. I suppose I’m in the slow and lengthy process of going through all my crap and weeding out what I don’t need. I suppose next I shall have to go through and be ruthless in regards to my books. If I started it and haven’t finished it, chances are I’m never going to pick it up again, so those can be gotten rid of. Others can be packed away. Still others should be rearranged, and I’d like to find shelf space for my craft and knitting books.

Of course, I should really do more WITH said craft and knitting books. someone want to request a scarf so maybe i’ll start on one?


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