run for fun. oxymoron?


I hate making New Year’s resolutions; I think they’re pretty much pointless. No one ever keeps them, do they? I know I don’t—unless it’s something like “I need to drink more.”* And then I give myself guilt over not keeping them. Screw that noise. I get enough guilt from my mom.

But there are always things in my own life that I want to work on or improve. I need to write more. I want to be more crafty (this one gets continually pushed to the side), I want to read more (not that I don’t read plenty), I want to eat better and get in shape (this one has been pushed off too much).

And that’s the one I’m going to start working on again. No time like the present, right? I also fail to see the point in waiting for an arbitrary day to start some fanatical new diet and exercise regime that is practically impossible to keep up. I’d rather start today and go slowly.

I’m not sure who it was—I think it was Kolbs who posted the link on Nikki’s wall, but I won’t swear to it—but I came across a link on someone’s FB a week or so ago, for a running program.

I actually enjoy jogging. I like endorphins (yet another thing I miss about rowing). I’ve always loved walking; I guess the running is a natural extension of that. I also like that you don’t have to go out and buy a whole bunch of crap to get started with it. All you really need is a pair of shoes and comfortable clothes.

But this program? It’s called the “Couch to 5K” program, and it’s an eight week deal to get you from out of shape to running (well, jogging, anyway) a 5k (which, if you didn’t already know, is just over three miles). And it makes sense. It’s not about getting there as fast as you can; it’s about setting your own pace and taking your time with it. They even explain that you can stretch it out if you’d like. Repeat weeks if you don’t feel ready to move on. They give you two options, to measure by distance or by time. It seems like a really relaxed program, and when I read through it, I thought to myself, I can do this. That little light bulb above my head turned on.

And the shoveling last weekend brought home in a very real way just how out of shape I am. And I don’t like that. I don’t have dreams of being a decathlete, but I have always wanted to run a marathon. So I decided I need to get started.

So instead of waiting until after Christmas or after the New Year (and trust me when I say I considered it), I’m started last week with this program. It seems very do-able so far, and I’m going to work very hard to stick with it. It’s only three days a week to get started; I can handle that. I’ve already got the gym membership going to waste; I might as well use it.

I’m also going to start keeping track again, both of the exercising and the eating. I do much better, food-wise, when I write down what I’m eating. It’s easy to “forget” what you’ve eaten when you don’t write it down. And I really need to care more about my health—after all, I do want to live to be Ouiser Beaudreaux.

*that’s a joke, people.


3 Responses to “run for fun. oxymoron?”

  1. I think shoveling makes everyone realize how out of shape they are. I thought I was getting all strong and whatnot with all the power yoga, then my back screamed at me for days. Bastard snow. By which I mean, yay for you and Couch to 5K! Tell me how much you love it, and perhaps I will venture outside to run as well. 🙂

  2. yah, might be just that shoveling snow sucks and no one ever remembers to lift with their legs instead of their back.

    except my mother, of course. and don’t think she didn’t lord that over me for three days.

  3. I think that it doesn’t matter what you lift with. 22 inches of snow is gonna hurt. Bleh. Hopefully it’s over for the season! 😉

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