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Sorry, Shan my dear. I couldn’t find Wank’s “Forgiven” anywhere that I could pull it to post. It’s not on youtube. I was going to post some Smashing Pumpkins, because they actually have about three songs I really like… but everything on youtube is fucking embed disabled. figures. screw you, EMI. so… here’s an And […]



I spent last night the majority of yesterday feeling like ass and ended up going to bed at about eight o’clock. And I had a doctor’s appointment this morning, so I was late to work and all that. So there’s your excuses for my not posting anything today… except for these excuses. Deal.

This doesn’t really belong anywhere else but it amused me and I started writing it up and it’s short so you’re getting a second post today. Because that’s how I roll. A Conversation Betwixt Myself and My Mother: Me: I’m going to WalMart Mom: Why? You hate WalMart. Me: Oh, uh, I want to look […]

mmmm, bagel


The things I decide are worthy of posting…. I had quite possibly the best breakfast ever (of this week) yesterday morning. By which I mean it tasted good, I was really hungry, and it was free, yo. Monday morning when I did my first thing check of facebook (“Hi, my name is Liz, and I’m […]

survey says….


Last week I did an informal survey (by which I mean I emailed a few of my friends and asked them) on whether or not people notice the way they eat affecting their mood. What I mean is, have you ever noticed a correlation between the healthfulness of the food you eat and your mood. […]

at the moment, I don’t have anything of substance prepared to post. so i shall instead share some eye candy and whatnot for you. enjoy! i don’t know what it is about this dress, but i absolutely adore it. i adore this color. i adore the silhouette. i adore everything about it. (granted, i could […]

Fastball, baby. I could go for a 90s night sometime soon. Someone make that happen, k?

I know I’ve talked about my experiences volunteering at the Walters on previous occasions, but I’m going to go ahead and do it some more. I’m actually going to cram a couple of weekends into one post, so as to not bore you for too too long. The first weekend in January also happened to […]

To continue in the vein of my current addiction to makeup: I’ve found that my obsession for different types of makeup sort of shifts every now and again. Now, I will always and forever be totally preoccupied with eye shadow. The possibilities are simply endless, and that really thrills me to no end. But I […]

ok. now what?


I don’t know what the fuck I’m going to do now. *sigh* It’s been kind of a precarious weekend, folks. I’ve been trying really hard not to completely freak out. It’s just a set-back, I keep telling myself. It’s not the end of the world that my own adviser failed to turn in my recommendations […]