ok, sometimes this is a makeup blog


Rest assured, dear reader, I’ve got plenty to write about for this week. And you’ll have to tune it to see what it’s all about. But for today, well, alas I didn’t get anything really written. So instead I’ll post pictures of things you’re likely not at all interested in. Namely, makeup.

I’m a little bit obsessed. Ah well, it’s better than a crack addiction. Cheaper too, from what I hear.

Stopped at Target on the way home from the WAM Sunday, as I’d remembered that I had a gift card, and knew I still had a few dollars left on another one.


The weird cuff-looking things up top there are actually fingerless gloves, or arm warmers or whatever you want to call them. They match my winter coat just about perfectly. and I hate wearing gloves to drive, so I’m going to give these a try. Maybe I’ll learn to knit myself a pair by the end of… the year.

Below we have a Rimmel nail polish–like I need more nail polish (ALWAYS). Next up is a domed Maybelline eyeshadow, and one of their new plush finish eye palettes. I also got a lovely sheer finish Boots No. 7 lipstick and one of their mineral palettes. Finally, a Maybelline gloss. I was hoping it would end up cherry flavored as well, but no dice. It does smell good though. Nice and light and sheer without being too sticky as well.

So far, a quick swatching of the shadows without any base on the back of my hand left me vaguely disappointed. I’m hoping they’ve got better pigmentation when applied over a base. I do like some of the colors, they just don’t seem to have much oomph, yanno?

I promise I’ll tell you what I remember of NYE tomorrow.


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