Friday Videos: Semisonic


Always loved this song.

4 Responses to “Friday Videos: Semisonic”

  1. Take me back to 1998, why don’t ya. What’s next, Marcy Playground? 😉 I loved Semisonic too! I also really like “Singing in My Sleep” though it wasn’t as popular.

    • the Marcy Playground is tempting. Don’t think I didn’t think of it. Maybe I’ll do Fastball instead.

  2. Hey Lizzie, remember me? Little gaping maw from Vox? attempting to get back into blogging. Really glad to see you’re still writing! Don’t know if you’ll be able to see my posts, as I’m keeping it neighborhood-only on Vox…hope so! Either way, looking forward to reading you again.

  3. MAW! AWESOME. so glad you’re getting back into things! I’ve still got my Vox acct, so I will definitely check back in over there!

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