A Sunday afternoon post


OK, Internet. I need help.

This pair is from Joseph Campbell:

And those are Chinese Laundry. Prices are about comparable.

I can’t quite justify getting both. Which ones do I buy?


6 Responses to “A Sunday afternoon post”

  1. 1 cherrow414

    Are you going to wear them outside in snow and rain? If so, I’d go for the second pair. But if you live in a nicer climate than I do, then the Jeffrey Campbell shoe are definitely my faves.

    • outside? sure. in snow and rain; no way.

      Thus far, the vote here is dead even. Clearly I am meant to own both pairs.

  2. I vote for whichever pair is non-leather. 😉 Barring that, the Campbells. My feet hurt looking at the heel on the Chinese Laundrys.

  3. 4 Michelle

    Yeah. Chinese Laundry- def. If you’re gonna get super hot peek-a-boo shoes, you might as well go for broke and get ’em in the snakesking platform heel variety. Fur rrrlz.

  4. 5 Michelle

    Snakesking being, of course, the technical term.

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