Recent hauls, makeup, the blame game… but mostly gushing about makeup


So, I’ve been on a makeup kick lately. By “kick” what I really mean is that I’m utterly obsessed with makeup. There’s just so much of it to choose from, and so many colors that I want to try. Michelle is partly to blame for this; we definitely are a bad influence on each other, especially when it comes to MAC. Even though I don’t take the time to put on makeup on a daily basis most of the time—I had a streak of about three weeks where I did, but then I got lazy again—I love wearing it, and I love putting it on. I love to play with the colors, and combine things and oh it’s so much fun.

And I can’t blame Michelle too much, as I’m slowly sucking her into my nail polish obsession as well. See, underneath it all I am a girly-girl. Hooray makeup!

Have to admit though: my application bag of tricks is pretty empty. I need to learn new things to do. I also could do with some brushes, because I tend to default to one or two of the ones I own, and I think learning to do new things will require learning to use different blushes. I was recently in the MAC store in Towson (OK, it was Saturday afternoon), and I spoke with the utterly adorable sales-guy about making an appointment to come in and talk to one of them about learning new things and playing with new colors. I definitely tend to default to similar colors and textures right now in my makeup. I don’t think it has a lot to do with being afraid of trying new things; I think it has to do with not know what to do with the new colors and things. So I would like to learn. I believe I shall save up some money and make that appointment soon. The other thing is I don’t wear much in the way of a base. I have never liked foundation, but I can acknowledge that I would like something more than just moisturizer to put on. So we’ll see how that goes. I’m sure when it happens there will be a post about it.

The recent kick has led me to make some purchases. Because that’s how I roll, yo. And here I shall share some of them with you, along with thoughts. Not so much reviews as notes on things. I might get around to reviews eventually, but for now I’ll leave that in the capable hands of the many, many beauty bloggers out there.

Please note that most of this stuff has been purchased over the last couple of months. It’s really totally not over the last two weeks or anything like that. Really. I swear.

target haul

First up is the stuff I got at Target. I had a gift card from my cousin, and some money left on an older gift card, so I blew it all. The fingerless gloves up top were all of six dollars, and I love them. I am really going to have to learn to make them on my own, though, because the quality isn’t really the best ever. I picked up two new eye shadows from Maybelline; one from Boots, a Boots lipstick and a Maybelline lip gloss (it tastes like cherry!), and a Rimmel nail polish.

I’m very much all about the brownish-bronzish greyed shades of nail polish right now. I tried somewhat hard to get my hands on MAC’s Light Affair NP from the Love Lace collection after I saw swatches of it. Failed. Checked three different places for it, too. Boo. Hiss. Not willing to pay ebay prices for it, unforunately. That, and I can’t afford ebay prices for it. That, and thirty dollars for a bottle of damn nail polish is completely ridonk. Even I can’t justify that.

urban decay NAIL POLISH, yo!

sephora haul

This is where the majority of my Christmas money went. To Sephora. Not surprising, really. I picked up the new UD nail polish set (I’m wearing the super hot hot pink on my toes right now. LOVE.), as well as the OPI Sephora purple sparkly one that I can’t remember the name of off the top of my head. Picked up two UD matte eyes–Revolver and Cult; I’m completely obsessed with matte eye shadow right now. Not sure why, as my norm is go for shimmery colors. Also picked up NARS lip gloss in Dolce Vita (I, like so many others, got the wee sample of it over the holidays with my little gift card thinger. Fell head over heels for this color. Bought the full size. Love it.).

If I had to pick two higher-end companies on which to blow all of my makeup budget (which only exists in my head right now, but will exist in reality soon enough because I have got to reign myself in pronto), those two companies would be MAC and NARS. They’re my favorites.

The last of my Christmas money purchases came from the Cosmetics Company Outlet that is in the Off 5th over in Arundel Mills. To wit:

MAC from CCO haul

Oh yeah, and a couple more nail polishes. There’s a Beauty Outlet thinger store in Arundel Mills as well, and me being the nail polish hoo-er that I am had to drag Michelle in there with me.

I picked up two ES from CCO, Shore Leave and Mink & Sable. Actually, both of us bought the same two colors. We have surprisingly different undertones and coloring, considering we’re both pale-ass white chicks, but these two worked for both of us (Michelle is more olive undertones, and I’m definitely blue. If something looks like a bruise on her, chances are I should snatch it right up, and if something makes me look washed out and sick, chances are she could rock it straight out). I also picked up a jar of Mineralize Supersheen Powder in Lucent; I’m fascinated by finishes right now, which I think is weird for a girl who doesn’t wear foundation. Also picked up a lipstick in Fast Lane; it’s a Lustre finish from them, and I’m completely in love with this color. It makes me look bee-stung and well-kissed.

The NPs I picked up are China Glaze in Cords (another one of those brown-grey mousey colors. This one is a shimmer rather than a creme, however) and a cheapie one called Silver Hurricane by Princessa (never heard of them, it was $2, i figured it’d be worth it).

And there you have my recent makeup purchases. More gushing to come soon.


4 Responses to “Recent hauls, makeup, the blame game… but mostly gushing about makeup”

  1. Have you heard of Lauren Luke? She’s a makeup artist whose YouTube tutorials are reportedly awesome. And cheaper than paying the Sephora employees to teach you!

    • I have heard of her, actually. I should really just sign up for the stupid youtube account so I can actually keep track of this shit, shouldn’t i?

  2. 3 Michelle

    Dude! Those UD nailpolishes look amaaaazing! Also, you didn’t tell me you got 2 UD eyeshadows! Which ones are they? Do you love them? Inquiring minds want to KNOW! 😀

    • How did I manage to leave those out? I got cult and revolver, I believe (uh… this time). One is silvery and the other is purple. Haven’t had a chance to try either yet.

      Ooooh, I think I know what I’ll be doing tomorrow! Those two with the sense of style kohl power i just got? WIN.

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