because you care about my fingers


This one doesn’t really warrant its own day, so I’m just sticking it in here tonight because I am trying to post a bit more often, and keep track of these sorts of things. For some reason. I don’t know, maybe it’s boredom. More likely it’s because I like posting a lot; I used to post two and three times a day back when I first started blogging.

I painted my nails Friday night. Used Rimmel Steel Gray on my nails. I read about this on one of the numerous beauty blogs I’ve started reading lately. And I’m totally digging this sort of shade right now, so this one is right up my alley. Had to go out and get it, and I’ve been eager to try it. I like it. The brush is neat, it’s sort of flat and wide. It goes on smooth and not streaky. So far, it has worn well also; it made it through the weekend without any chips or wearing anyway (the slight messes you see in the photo below are entirely the fault of me screwing things up when painting them and not getting a chance to re-apply).

it doesn't look this purple in person

And as for my toes, I decided that I needed to start using the UD nail polish set I bought after Christmas. Other than the annoying and cheap-looking dumbass label stickers on the backs of the bottles, I really dig this polish as well. I used “Big Bang” on my toes. It’s HOT PINK. And I love it. Good application here as well. (Again, any flaws are entirely the fault of me doing my nails pretty much right before bed and messing them up because they didn’t have proper drying time before I crashed.) I hope UD starts doing nail polish on a more regular basis.

aren't my widdles toesies adorable?

(this is actually a helluva lot more pink in person.)


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