well isn’t that special?


I remember thinking to myself at one point on Saturday that I was having a really pleasant day, and I couldn’t wait to write about it.

But really? It’s not as though anything particularly wonderful happened. I didn’t win the lottery. I didn’t go out partying, or even stay in partying. I got up early and went to a meeting at the Walters, I gave Shannon a massage, and I hung out around the house. Nothing particularly special, but it sure felt like a really nice day.

I guess that is what makes it special–it felt like a really good day. Not that I don’t ever have really good days (especially lately, thank the gods), but I’m still enough unused to them that I find myself incredibly grateful when I do have one, even if nothing particularly special happens.

In fact, the whole weekend turned out to be really good. Sunday morning dawned early for me; I hadn’t stayed up very late Saturday because all the running I did in the morning sort of wore me out quick. I got up and made breakfast (mmm, pancakes), and did some laundry. I tidied up my room and folded last week’s laundry. Changed sheets and put clothes away. And all before noon. Go me.

After that I settled in on the couch with a soda, cozy in my bathrobe under the afghan my Nannie made for me, and watched the end of S2 of Lost.

All in all, a solid WIN for the weekend. Indeed.


One Response to “well isn’t that special?”

  1. My shoulder STILL doesn’t hurt! Massage for the win!

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