a word on EA


So, if you’ve been reading my blog for a while now, you know that I went to see Emilie Autumn live back in October. It was an amazing show. If you like industrial/goth music, or you really like violin and harpsichord music, or you have major appreciation for highly theatrical concerts, and you have the opportunity, I highly recommend you go see her. Her shows are indescribably awesome, though I did my best back then.

Because I’m somewhat crazy and because I found out about it in time, I purchased a VIP ticket for that show. It was more than worth it. The VIPs got to meet Emilie after the show. She did a bit of a reading from her book, and we all did a sing-a-long. We were supposed to receive personalized copies of her Asylum book at the show as well; we found out when we were there that the books had been delayed. She did, however, sign something for everyone and take pictures with everyone as well. She was incredibly gracious and patient and pleasant; I got the distinct feeling that not only was she as appreciative of us as we were of her, but also she was just grateful to be able to perform. All around, she struck me as a lovely person and it was quite wonderful to get to meet her.

We were told that when the books came in, we would get our signed copy of it mailed to us. Ok, that’s cool. No problem. I totally understand printing delays and whatnot. Shit happens.

It’s been a long wait for this to happen. I ended up ordering the bundle package available; it came with a wee tote bag, a t-shirt, the deluxe CD, the book and a little recipe booklet with a couple of Emilie’s favorite recipes in it. I’ve already received that. I’ve been waiting to read the book however. Partly because it’s a big long book. Partly because… I don’t know why else.

Anyway, I was thinking yesterday that I hadn’t received my signed copy of the book yet, and I was sad. I was hoping that there wasn’t a problem with them, so I went and checked the forum.

Problem? Oh yes. Major problems. And no real explanation for them either. I has a sad, sad face.

As it turned out, the books have JUST shipped from the vendor (Omega Order, the label’s mail order service/company/whatever). And none of them are signed. I’m not sure what happened, but somebody fucked up.

I do not think it was EA’s fault. Not even a little bit. I think she’s gotten sorta dicked over just like us PRs have. It sucks all around. Especially as I hear that she’s been sick as well, and she’s getting ready to fly off to Europe for another tour. This has not done anything to make me think the less of her. Of her label, on the other hand? Yeah, clearly they suck. Stop fucking over such a wonderful artist, people!

But it still boils down to a lot of people paying for a signed book that we were supposed to get before anyone else, and now we’re getting it last, and not signed. It sucks. It really sucks that I’m not going to have two copies of the book, neither of them signed. She best come back around the US soonest so I can drag one of them to a show and get her to sign it! (Pleasepleaseplease!)

Like many others, I’m really disappointed in this situation. EA has indicated that she has every intention of doing something to make this up to her VIP PRs, and I believe her. I believe I’ll probably have to wait a while to see whatever it may be (see above re: European tour), but that’s ok. I hope that this doesn’t hurt EA’s rep or screw up her fan base at all. I really think she deserves more than this, and I really hope that her popularity continues to grow, only partly so I can say at some point “Oh, Emilie Autumn? Psh, I’ve been listening to her for years. I met her after a show back in ’09 before anyone had even heard of her!”

Because yes, I am that douche sometimes.


2 Responses to “a word on EA”

  1. I has a sad too 😦 That really blows. Bad, bad record label! I had something similar happen back in October, when a revised edition of a book I’d been dying to read was supposed to be released. Eventually Amazon just gave up and said, “We don’t know where it is, so here’s your money back.”

    Oh well, EA still rocks and I shall continue to sing her praises. 🙂

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