cheer for a Monday


at the moment, I don’t have anything of substance prepared to post. so i shall instead share some eye candy and whatnot for you. enjoy!

i ❤ this dress

i don’t know what it is about this dress, but i absolutely adore it. i adore this color. i adore the silhouette. i adore everything about it. (granted, i could NOT pull this off myself, but i love it on her.)

more pretty:

also loved Sandra Bullock’s dress. i thought it was lovely. i also love her tatted up hubs wearing the penguin suit. (her speech was really adorable, too. i don’t care if she’s supposedly kinda a bitch, i like her.)

yes, i ended up watching the SAG awards the other night. i’m not sure why, either. it was entertaining and short, though. and Betty White is awesome.

I tried to find this on grooveshark, but i can’t remember what the fuck my username is, so i found it on youtube instead:

(Hey, you get to look at DDL for nearly three minutes. i count that a win, personally.)

and since practically everyone with boobs had this hanging on a wall whilst in college, the Klimt of the same name:

don’t you just love it when i randomly start free-associating?

ok, i should go write a for-real post.


4 Responses to “cheer for a Monday”

  1. Looooove that song. Love Last of the Mohicans. Love DDL when he’s not gross and scruffy and looks like he’s just come off a two-week bender.

  2. Hah! I just hung up that Klimt in my bedroom two days ago. Yes, I am that unoriginal – in my defense, I was so not artsy in college so I didn’t even know who he was back then. It’s like a whole new discovery for me (now I’m just waiting for the Mucha prints to show up – was he another that was popular that I didn’t even know about?).

    Also, love the song.

  3. I never said it wasn’t a lovely painting! Just that it was rather common to find hanging on the walls of the girls in college. Or the pretentious ones, anyhow!

    I love Mucha. I don’t care if he was, I love his stuff. Also, check out Maxfield Parrish; he’s one of my faves. You’d probably recognize him if you saw some of his work, but most folks have no idea who he was.

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