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Last week I did an informal survey (by which I mean I emailed a few of my friends and asked them) on whether or not people notice the way they eat affecting their mood. What I mean is, have you ever noticed a correlation between the healthfulness of the food you eat and your mood. Do you physically feel better and more positive when you eat healthy foods as opposed to when you eat unhealthy foods?

Now, being diabetic, I tend to notice a lot of things that go on in my head and their correlations to what’s going on in my body. Diabetes often has a direct correlation to depression. When my blood sugar gets out of whack, I get weird. On rare occasions, if my sugar is starting to dip and I don’t feel it (extremely rare occasions, thankfully), I actually get mean. Not just my normal biting bitchiness, actually mean.

I think I’ve mentioned that I have been actually working on eating better, more healthy foods, at regular intervals. Well, last week that sort of went to shit; I was stressed. Stress affects my stomach—I get nauseous and I get heartburn and I get so I can’t hardly eat. It sucks. Well, combine the stress of the whole grad school thing with not sleeping well the first couple nights of the week, and my eating habits reverted to crap.

And I noticed, by the end of the week, that I was even more sluggish and feeling generally crappy and cross. And I really think that, while part of that had to do with the stress and being exhausted, there was also a large part of it that was due to the crap food I ended up eating all week.

So I sat myself down and thought about it a bit, and decided that I would get back to eating healthier this week. And so far, it’s helped. I think.

It’s hard, I think, to distinguish between physically feeling better because of eating healthier, and the other better feelings that come of it. I know I should be eating healthy and testing my sugar four to six times a day and that sort of thing, so I feel a sense of accomplishment when I do so. It all gets tangled up in my head, but I think that most likely happens with everyone.

Anyway, the results of the poll were that most people agree with me and do notice this correlation.

This is kinda sorta leading up to another post about my relationship with food that I’ve started writing but haven’t quite entirely gathered my thoughts on. Kinda sorta, anyway.


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